Is Bret Hart Related To Teddy Hart?

In the world of professional wrestling, few names are as revered as Bret Hart.

The Canadian wrestler, also known as “The Hitman,” is considered one of the greatest of all time, with a career spanning three decades and numerous championship titles.

However, Hart’s legacy has also been impacted by the controversies that have surrounded his family, including the infamous Teddy Hart.

Teddy Hart is also a wrestler, known for his high-flying moves and unpredictable behaviour.

Despite his talent, Teddy’s career was marred by legal troubles and personal issues, which ultimately led to his downfall in the industry.

He was the youngest ever wrestler signed to the WWE, and looked to have all the trappings to become a huge star in the WWE.

However, his personal issues became too much, and he was released by the company in 2002, never to return.

But how is Bret Hart related to Teddy Hart? In this article, we’ll talk you through the Hart Family Tree and see how the two former WWE wrestlers sit in the family.

Teddy Hart is related to Bret Hart. Despite his real lady name not being Hart, he is still a legitimate member of the legendary Hart Family.

Bret Hart is Teddy Hart’s uncle, through his sister. Bret’s sister Georgia is married to Bradley Joseph Annis, himself a former professional wrestler in Stampede Wrestling.

Gergia Annis (née Hart) is one of the twelve children of Stu Hart, who is the patriarch of the legendary Hart Family. Her siblings include Bruce, Bret and the late Owen Hart.

Teddy Hart is Bret Hart’s nephew, and the eldest of Stu Hart’s many, many grandchildren. He is also one of the most successful of the grandchildren in wrestling, alongside the likes of Harry Smith and Natalya.

Although he is a part of the Hart Family, Teddy Hart’s real name isn’t actually Hart.

His real name is Edward Ellsworth Annis. Teddy being a common nickname for people named Edward, and Annis being his father’s surname, which his mother changed once she married B.J Annis.

Teddy Hart is currently signed to MLW, where is the MLW World Middleweight and MLW World Tag Team Champion. He also runs his own wrestling school, but has had issues with the law that limited his potential in pro-wrestling.

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