Britt Baker Is Taking A Step Back From Being A Dentist

Hamish Woodward

Dr Britt Baker DMD is one of the most popular women in AEW, owing to her dentist character in the promotion.

She has presented herself as a dentist in AEW since her debut, wearing teeth-themed gear and has a dentist-themed finishing move (the Lock Jaw).

But is Britt Baker really a dentist? In this article, we’ll explore just that, and find out why she is stepping away from dentistry in 2023.

Is Britt Baker A Dentist?

Britt Baker is a dentist who works in her private practice in Winter Park, Florida.

She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, becoming a Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) in the process.

She worked as a dentist while training to wrestle, and continued her profession as she broke into the business.

Throughout her AEW career, Britt Baker has worked in the week as a dentist, although she closes her practice on Wednesdays for her to wrestle on AEW Dynamite.

Britt Baker Is Stepping Back From Dentistry

Despite it being a key part of her gimmick in AEW, Britt Baker is stepping away from working as a dentist.

The former AEW Women’s Champion is cutting down on her schedule in the practice, in order to focus more on her AEW career.

She cites not wanting to cancel clients at the last second, in order to fulfill commitments made to AEW boss Tony Khan, as the reason for her cutting back on dentistry.

Baker appeared on the Jon Chuckery Show, discussing why she is stepping back in her profession to focus on pro wrestling.

“With the ever-changing and every growing schedule with AEW, it was getting really hard to manage because I don’t want to be calling off last minute at the dental office all the time if Tony [Tony Khan] needs me for something for a TV taping or to go do media or an event.”

“I hold myself accountable to be available for those types of events because I’m one of the faces of AEW and I want to be available for everything like that. Unfortunately, that means…I don’t want to say closing the door, but I’m definitely taking a step back from dentistry.”

“It’s not fair to be canceling on patients all the time if something else popped up and it’s not fair to the staff. My staff is absolutely fabulous at the dental office, I love them to death. I’m still there a few times a month to check in on my old patients to make sure everyone is okay.”

“I don’t really accept any new patients just because it was getting really tricky to navigate the waters of fans coming into the dental office and not really knowing who is there to be a patient and who is there to get an autograph and picture. “

“It’s fun, but at the same time, it gets frustrating for my staff when they are there to see patients and keep a successful practice going.”

Britt Baker tweeted about stepping back two weeks, saying as much as in the above itnerview.

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