Chuck Taylor Brought A Chainsaw To An AEW Match

One of the funniest moments in AEW history was when Chuck Taylor tried to use a chainsaw during a match.

It sounds too ridiculous to be true, but seen as it’s Chuck Taylor, it simply has to be.

He has long been one of the funniest wrestlers of all time, and he only added to that claim when he decided to bring a chainsaw to help Orange Cassidy win a wrestling match.

Chuck Taylor’s Chainsaw

Best Friends in AEW
Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta and Orange Cassidy are the Best Friends in AEW

After Wardlow won the TNT Championship for the first time, he was put into a title defense against Orange Cassidy at AEW Fyter Fest 2022.

Few people thought that Orange Cassidy could deal with the immense power of Wardlow, given the huge size difference between the two.

Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta (Cassidy’s teammates in Best Friends) thought so too, so came up with a cunning plan to take the TNT title from Wardlow.

“Big TNT Title match tonight, and our lawyer Danhausen got us both managers’ licesnes!”

Trent Beretta then chimed in, “Wardlow, he’s a monster. He’s too big for you [gesturing to Orange Cassidy], he’s too strong. So I’m thinking there’s only one thing we can do”

“We’re gonna cheat! A lot!” Chuck Taylor chimed in, before Orange Cassidy finished the promo by saying “I don’t care”.

While you may have expected to see the usual “manager cheating” tropes used by Chuck and Trent, they managed to completely subvert expectations, in a hilarious way.

Just minutes into the match, Trent Beretta climbed into the ring, very obviously trying to distract the referee by untying the turnbuckle.

This allowed Chuck Taylor to creep under the ring and pull out an obnoxiously large chainsaw, sliding it into the ring for Orange Cassidy to use to win.

The implicating was that they wanted Cassidy to literally murder Wardlow with the chainsaw to win the match, and their response to being thrown out of the match made for a hilarious moment in AEW history.

Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta were thrown out the match (as managers) for trying to kill Wardlow with a chainsaw. They deemed this unfair.

After Bryce Remsburg ejected the Best Friends, Wardlow found Danhausen under the ring, who walked out under his own steam, as the match continued.

Orange Cassidy tried to use all his cunning to defeat Wardlow, but eventually fell to the TNT Champion in one of Wardlow’s best matches in AEW so far.

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