Chuck Taylor’s Grenade Remains Wrestling’s Funniest Move Ever

Hamish Woodward

One of the funniest moves in all wrestling is also one of the most unbelievable – Chuck Taylor‘s Grenade wrestling move.

While he has been a big star on the indies for nearly two decades, Chuck Taylor’s Grenade is one of the most controversial moves in wrestling.

While the likes of Jim Cornette have decried the move, and he has not been allowed to bring the move to AEW, fans love the Grenade, with it still garnering thousands of views on Youtube today.

Chuck Taylor piece of shit who I will pull his fucking eyeballs out for this embarrassing horseshit that was done to my business if I ever see this motherfucker and I hate your fucking grandchildren you piece of shit.

Jim Cornette getting very angry at Chuck Taylor’s Grenade spot

With the move bringing such an incredible reaction out of Jim Cornette, it must be something special. There is no move more unique than The Grenade.

Chuck Taylor & The Grenade

Chuck Taylor used The Grenade move during various matches in Chikara and PWG.

During the matches, at a lull in the action, Chuck Taylor reaches into his tights and “pulls out” an imaginary grenade – treated as a real-life grenade, but invisible.

He pulls the pin out with his teeth, before depositing the grenade in the back of another wrestler’s shorts. Taylor then hits them with an atomic drop, causing an “explosion” that sends everyone shooting out of the ring, in hilarious fashion.

While this does sort of fly in the face of any realism in wrestling, it is really funny – so I’ll allow it.

Another (even more hilarious) variation of the move was the slow motion Grenade. He only used this once, during a multi-man match against “The Colony” in Chikara.

As soon as he pulled the pin, everybody went into slow motion, including the wrestlers, referees, commentators and even the crowd’s cheers.

Chuck Taylor threw the grenade and slowly made his way into the corner of the ring. He hid from the blast, as Soldier Ant (portrayed by WWE’s Drew Gulak) jumped on the grenade and took the attack himself.

After the explosion, time went back to normal, and Chuck Taylor dropped an elbow on Soldier Ant.

Sadly, Chuck Taylor has not used the Grenade in AEW yet. It’s likely that the move is too surreal and kayfabe breaking to be used in AEW, which uses a much more grounded-style than Chikara did.

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