Chuck Taylor’s List Of Wrestler Names Is Incredible And Hilarious

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Despite failing to win the AEW Trios Championships at All Out 2022, Chuck Taylor and his teammates (Orange Cassidy and Trent Barretta) remain some of the most popular, organically over babyfaces in the company.

Chuck Taylor and Trent achieved a five star match against Santana and Ortiz during the pandemic era of Dynamite and have continued to impress whenever they are given the chance.

They have challenged for the AEW Tag Team Championships multiple times, albeit with failure each time.

Best Friends in AEW
Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta and Orange Cassidy are the Best Friends in AEW

As well as being one of the most popular and hilarious figures in wrestling, Chuck Taylor also has a creative mind for the business. He is constantly thinking up different names and characters to use in the ring and hopes to pass them on to younger talent in the future.

Keep reading to find out the list of names invented by Chuck Taylor to use, each one as hilarious as the last. He has even used a few of these on the independent scene and some other wrestlers have borrowed from his cache of gimmicks in the past.

Chuck Taylor’s List Of Wrestler Names

Chuck Taylor created a list of wrestling names and gimmicks, to be used by himself and various of his trainees over the years in wrestling.

These names are all hilarious, with many taking inspirations from gimmicks in the early years, and golden age, of wrestling.

Here is the complete list of hilarious unused wrestling Chuck Taylor came up with. He hopes that every one will be used by a wrestler on the indies one day, including wrestlers he has trained himself.

  • Pudd Nelson
  • Cuba Gooding III
  • Boomer Scarborough
  • “No gimmicks needed” Steve the Samurai
  • The Cucumber
  • Buster Norberg
  • “Powercat” Jeff Winslow
  • “The Human Thermometer” Pat Joplin
  • Frank “grabass” Hernandez
  • “New in town” Luke Wilcox
  • Danny “Doubledip” Dawkins
  • Adrian Dill Picklesbly
  • “The Midnight Oil” Barney Stamp
  • “The Job” Tiff Sanford
  • “Bareback” Benny Figg
  • “Cool Dad” Don Crenshaw
  • “Space Homey” Mike Smith
  • “Pro Bowler” Benjy “Ball Return” Roberts
  • “Crooked Dick” Johnny Hogg
  • Dick “The Hammer” Dick
  • “All Sack” Drew Gulak
  • “Handjob” Dave Handerson
  • “6 Dicks Deep” David O’Neil
  • “Solar System Specialist” Steve Baker
  • “Long Haul” Lenny Broadway
  • Jeff “The Tit” Baker
  • Lemuel “Little Baby Dong” Denver
  • Mick “The Kraken” McKracken
  • “Hard Wood” Rich Mahogany

Chuck Taylor revealed his list of names on an episode of “The Art of Wrestling” podcast with Colt Cabana.

He spoke to AEW star Colt Cabana, fresh off his own controversies with former friend CM Punk, about how he hoped to use all these names on the independent scene between himself and younger wrestlers.

He also spoke about the rumours of him joining NXT a few years ago. He claimed that if he moved to WWE and was forced to change his name, he would pass on the “Chuck Taylor” gimmick, a la Tiger Mask, and have a student of his wrestle at Chuck Taylor II.

Luckily, he signed for AEW and was able to bring his talents to the big stage on AEW Dynamite.

Other Gimmick Ideas

orange cassidy aew

Chuck Taylor has also had some ideas for other gimmicks, which currently have not been named. One was a narcoleptic wrestler who became a lucha libre expert whilst sleepwalking in the ring. It took some similarities from Orange Cassidy but had some key differences that made it unique.

He also had the idea for a controversial character that had some anti-sematic traits. One reddit user explained the gimmick as being;

“Chuck talks about some gimmicks he’s made up. One of them is a southern white meat babyface, loves everyone except the Jews. Claps hands with everyone in the front row except for the that one person with a yamaka. And his promos go “I love each and every one of my fans…except the Jewish ones”

Obviously that character would not work in any major promotion, but the idea showed just how creative Chuckie T is in creating wrestler names and gimmicks.

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