Trent Beretta Reveals Crazy Switzerland Story On “Talk Is Jericho”

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Trent Beretta revealed a hilarious story about he was stuck in a hotel in Switzerland – while the rest of the WWE roster took a bus to Italy.

Beretta is best known for his current run in the WWE, where he joins Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander in the Best Friends faction.

However, before he was a tag team star in AEW, Trent Beretta wrestled for the WWE, who he joined as a young and hungry 20-year-old.

He was eventually called up to the main roster years later, teaming with Caylen Croft as The Dudebusters – a short-lived and unsuccessful duo.

Trent Beretta teamed with Caylen Croft in the WWE as “The Dudebusters”

However, Caleb Croft was released soon after their call-up in 2009, forcing Trent to go solo.

Trent’s career in WWE didn’t last long, and he was released in 2013. However, he did have one hilarious story involving Chris Jericho, involving a bus trip and a volcanic eruption in the Swiss Alps.

Trent Beretta revealed on the latest episode of “Talk is Jericho” that he and Croft were stranded in a hotel in Switzerland around this time -owing to a volcanic eruption during this period.

He and Jericho discussed the story, revealing that the Raw roster were stuck in Ireland, so the Smackdown & ECW wrestlers were forced to drive to Milan, in order to catch a plane home to the US to compete on Monday Night Raw.

However, there was an issue – the tour bus was not big enough to take everyone. Of the roster in Switzerland, the only wrestlers left behind were Trent and Croft, who joined a host of referees and ringside crew in staying put in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Jericho and the rest of the roster endured a 24-hour straight drive over the alps, before flying home to the US via Milan.

Trent Beretta’s time in the WWE was short, and unmemorable – except for his stay in the Swiss Alps.

“There was a volcano, and the volcano demanded that we had to get back to Italy to fly home, because Raw was stuck in Ireland.”

“We were the Smackdown crew, but we had to et out of europe to go and do raw, because Smackdown was stuck.”

“The ash was in the sky, so you couldn’t fly if the ash was in the airspace, so we had to make it to Milan as like a mad dash, crazy run.”

“We were in a tour bus – they said it would take eight-hours, but it took almost 24.”

“We went to another Swiss City, because we had to drop off the main tour bus and pick up a rent-a-car shuttle.”

“They took the guys they deemed “most important” and left the camera guys and the only members of the team that didn’t get on were the Dudebusters – so we left, and I never saw you again!”

Trent Beretta then jumped in and revealed Finlay was the one who told him that he wouldn’t be on the bus, but joked that he knew Raw would be okay without the Dudebusters.

The pair were stuck in a fancy hotel for five days, before flying home from a Swiss airport.

If you use any quotes from this episode, please give a H/T to Atletifo for the transcription.

You can listen to the full episode of Talk is Jericho with Trent Beretta down below.

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