CM Punk Is Coming Back To AEW “For A Fact”, Brand Split Planned

Hamish Woodward

TBS have been told that CM Punk is “for a fact” coming back to AEW soon, according to inside sources reported by Andrew Zarian.

The host of the Mat Men Podcast recently spoke on F4WOnline, and discussed what he had heard about rumours of CM Punk returning to the company.

CM Punk has not been seen in AEW since All Out 2022, when he went off on The Elite and Colt Cabana at the post-show press conference, before getting into a fight backstage.

You can click the image below to read all about the details behind the brawl.

Speaking on yesterdays F4W Live, Andrew Zarian confirmed that there would be a hard AEW brand split in the WWE, between AEW Dynamite and the new AEW Collision show.

You can read the quotes down below from the episode. Please HT to Atletifo for the transcription, if you use any of these quotes.

“The story here is that CM Punk’s [return] is essentially happening. I know for a fact that Warner has been told that he’s coming back, so they are very much aware of the situation.

He had recently said he was willing to return to AEW and he wants to make it work. So the issue here is that he’s willing to work with the elite members. I know that as of the time I was told and as of early this week, there was no intention on the other side.

Maybe Kenny a little bit more than the Bucks, but I know there is no they do not want to work with him. There’s been no dialogue between the two sides either. The plans have been put in place to possibly have a Saturday show to be the soft brand split.

When I used that term yesterday on Mat Men, I was told that it’s less soft than I’m putting out there. So I guess there will be people that are predominantly on the other show on the Saturday show.

Also, Dave reported that there was a meeting scheduled between CM Punk, Tony Khan, Chris Jericho, FTR, and other people. I’ve heard this from multiple people and my way it was alluded to me is that the program will probably be Punk and Jericho in some capacity.

I don’t know if FTR is involved or Jericho society’s involved, but that seems to be…a very smart way to do this. Jericho has presented himself as a locker room leader…and he’s willing to make this work because he realizes that there’s money in this.

At the end of the day, it’s for the greater good of the company to put your personal feeling aside with this guy if he’s willing to make it work with you.

You know what? You can make it work with him too. So maybe this is just to get the ball rolling type thing, especially with Kenny in the Bucks because that big money match, the big, big, big money match is a trios match between CM Punk and FTR and the Elite, and that singles match between Kenny and CM Punk.

He’s got some big shows coming up, guys. You’re trying to sell out a stadium, a three-year-old company attempting to sell out a stadium.”

Please HT to Atletifo for the transcription, if you use any of these quotes.

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