The Reason Why Roman Reigns Wore Blue Contact Lenses

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After the Shield split up in early 2014, WWE had a hard time getting Roman Reigns over with the WWE audience.

They had him keep the Shield theme song and gear, including the combat trousers and bulletproof vest that became his signature look in the group.

The multi-time world champion wore his long dark hair down and sopping wet, as well as a styled goatee to complete the look.

However, one thing he wore is distinctly distant from today. Roman Reigns wore blue contact lenses for the first few years of his singles push in the WWE. Even nowadays on posters, the WWE reverts to old photos of Reigns with his pale blue eyes, an amusing look for current fans of the Tribal Chief.

Does Roman Reigns wear contact lenses now? No, he doesn’t. He hasn’t worn them for a number of years.

He stopped altering his eye color in 2016, although the exact date in which he stopped is unclear.

Roman Reigns uses his normal eye color for his current WWE character.

This was during the peak hating-Reigns phase for the WWE universe, so maybe he had enough of altering his eye colour daily for a crowd that did not care for him.

As to why he changed his eye colour, that information has never been revealed.

We know that he wore light blue contact lenses to colour his naturally brown eyes. As a Samoan, it is almost impossible for him to have naturally blue eyes. It is a rarity so Vince McMahon could have been trying to make him seem more special and unique than he is.

Roman Reigns unnatural blue eyes make him look odd on screen

It is also theorised that he used the lenses to make himself look more attractive and more sympathetic as a babyface.

The blue-eye look is a classic trope for the underdog and good guys. In the classic UK wrestling scene, the “babyface” was actually called the “Blue eye”.

It’s likely McMahon made Reigns wear the blue contact lenses so he was more sympathetic and so fans would subconsciously want him to overcome the odds, Cena style, when he was being beaten down in his matches.

Roman Reigns wearing blue contract lenses in a WWE match

Since becoming the Tribal Chief and winning both the WWE and Universal Championship, Roman Reigns has stopped wearing blue contact lenses.

He now presents his natural eye-colour weekly on TV as the leader of “The Bloodline”, where he is locked in one of the most entertaining storylines of all time with Sami Zayn.

Whilst he was a blue-eyed babyface, Roman Reigns was ironically hated by the general audience.

He was so hated that they booed him out of the building weekly, especially during the biggest shows with a large, international crowd.

He was booed heavily during multiple WrestleMania main events, especially in the first of his two bouts with Brock Lesnar and his WWE Championship match against Triple H.

He was even so hated that the fans booed The Rock at the 2015 Royal Rumble. The Rock. His world-famous cousin came to Reigns aid at the end of the match, helping him to fight off Big Show and Kane before Reigns finally eliminated Rusev to win his first Royal Rumble match.

Fans were so angry that they booed The Rock as he lifted the arm of Roman Reigns, and even chanted “We Want Refunds”.

Roman Reigns has since become the leader of his own stable “The Bloodline” and is one of the biggest stars in wrestling.

With Paul Heyman as his “wise man”, he is the most dominant champion the WWE has seen in years. He has held the WWE Championship for nearly a year and is coming up to 3 years with the Universal Championship – a record reign which is unlikely ever to be beaten.

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