CM Punk Said New Japan Belt Was “The Coolest” At Forbidden Door

CM Punk has heaped praise on the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, telling the current champion “that belt is the coolest”.

The former AEW Champion defeated former champion Satoshi Kojima at Forbidden Door, in the first round of the Owen Hart Cup Tournament.

Meanwhile, IWGP World Heavyweight Champion SANADA easily dispatched Jungle Boy at the event, before the latter turned heel by attacking his friend HOOK.

SANADA recently spoke about meeting CM Punk backstage at Forbidden Door, where the former WWE Champion had some kind words to say about his title belt.

Speaking with, SANADA was asked about his trip to Canada for the event and revealed what CM Punk said to him.

“I got to chat with CM Punk” SANADA revealed, “and he was like ‘that belt is the coolest’.”

“You know, for a CM Punk to know who you are and what you’re doing, that speaks to how widely the IWGP Champion is known.”

“If anything I’ve seen nothing but new horizons. It was my first time in AEW, and it really reminded me that America, or Canada in this case, is the land of entertainment.”

SANADA is set to compete in the G1 Climax 33, while CM Punk battled Samoa Joe on tonights AEW Collision.

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