SANADA Reveals Thoughts On Jungle Boy Match At Forbidden Door

Hamish Woodward

SANADA has revealed his true thoughts behind his match with Jungle Boy at Forbidden Door.

The IWGP World Heavyweight Champion defeated Jack Perry at Forbidden Door, defending his coveted title in a largely disappointing match.

He previously spoke about the disrespect of the match being in the middle of the card, as well as a mid-card wrestler in Jack Perry being his challenger.

He previously claimed he hadn’t seen any Jungle Boy matches in the past, but in a recent interview claimed he “could see there was something” in Jack Perry before his match.

Speaking with NJPW1972, SANADA revealed that he didn’t focus much on where he was on the card, but more on proving he could perform in an “away game” in Canada.

SANADA claimed it was his “job” to prove himself in this hostile environment, and was proud to do so in a good match, ending in victory.

“My opponent, Perry, I could see there was something to him, the fans had been behind him, and he had a good match with DOUKI in Chicago. I think he’s someone with a lot of upside.”

“But I think with this being an away game, the most important thing was being able to show who I am in that environment and in that atmosphere.”

“Where you are on the card, that’s important sure, but it was my job to show who SANADA is within that environment, and win on top of that. I did that and I’m grateful I was able to.”

SANADA recently revealed what CM Punk said to him backstage at Forbidden Door about his IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: click below to learn more.

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