CM Punk Didn’t Lose His Second UFC Fight – Here’s Why

In 2018, CM Punk suffered his second and final loss in the UFC against Mike Jackson at UFC 225.

This was a humiliating loss for the former WWE Champion, who at that point was four-years removed from his stint with the WWE.

While he tried his best, it was clear that CM Punk was no fighter. He bowed out of the UFC with the loss, as promoter Dana White warning Punk that “I Think He Should Call It a Wrap”

CM Punk tried his best, but ended his UFC career with zero wins.

He was destroyed by Mike Jackson in the fight, and showed very little skill in the Octagon. It added a second loss to his record, and ended CM Punk’s UFC record with zero wins and two losses.

Except, he didn’t lost that second UFC fight.

Well, he did at the time (you can watch the fight and see just how badly he lost that match), but the result of the match was quietly overturned, but kept hidden for three years.

However, MMA Junkie are reporting that Punk’s second and final loss has been overturned and is now considered a no contest.

“The official result of a full contact martial arts bout can be changed to a ‘no contest’ as an outcome of an adverse post-bout disciplinary finding against a contestant,” Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation public information officer Chris Slaby told MMA Junkie in a written statement.

“As detailed in the consent order provided, Mr. Jackson tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinol due to marijuana following the June 9, 2018 UFC event at the United Center in Chicago.”

“Because of Illinois’ no tolerance policy for marijuana, we recommend that marijuana use be discontinued for anyone participating on the UFC 225 card between now and the event,” the memo read.”

Because of this CM Punk’s UFC record improves greatly. The match was ruled a no contest, so his MMA record now reads 0-1- 1.

However, anybody who saw the fight knows just how bad CM Punk was, so this change in result does not make his UFC career any more impressive.

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