Enzo Amore Lost His Last WWE Match Before Being Fired

Enzo Amore is making a comeback in 2023, wrestling for NJPW despite his release from MLW.

He was released by WWE in 2018, following abuse allegations that derailed his career – despite turning out to be false.

The rap song he made dissing his accuser didn’t help his case, but Enzo Amore has managed to keep his wrestling career alive following his last WWE match.

Enzo Amore’s Last WWE Match

Enzo Amore lost to Cedric Alexander in his last WWE match, before his untimely release from the company.

Enzo defended his Cruiserweight Championship against Alexander on the January 8th, 2018 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

The Certified G had won the belt from Neville (AEW’s PAC) some months prior, and was going on a tear through the 205 Live roster.

While he wasn’t the best wrestler in the ring, his mic work set him apart from the rest. The segment where he tore down the entire division was a personal highlight of his title run.

Enzo Amore defended the belt numerous times before his last match in WWE. On Raw, he took on Cedric Alexander, putting the Cruiserweight Championship ont the line against one of WWE’s most exciting prospects.

The match was decent, but Enzo was suffering with both the flu and a foot injury in the match. He was lethargic and could barely string a sequence of moves together (although, not as if he could do that well before).

Both he and Alexander hurt their legs on the outside of the ring, and battled to climb into the ring before the ten count. Alexander made it in while Enzo didn’t, giving the challenger the victory in the title match.

However, Cedric Alexander didn’t win the title. Due to the champion’s advantage, the title cannot change hands on a count-out or disqualification.

Due to this, Enzo Amore lost the match but retained the title – although this was to set up some kind of stipulation match between the two later on.

Enzo Amore was released just two weeks later, after being suspended on the day of the Raw 25 Anniversary show.
Enzo’s match with Cedric Alexander at the Royal Rumble was cancelled, due to his release.

He Was Fired After Being Removed From Raw 25

Enzo Amore was suspended from WWE on January 22, 2018, due to his sexual assault allegations.

This was the same night as Raw 25, which was a show to celebrate 25 years of Monday Night Raw (WWE’s Flagship television show).

The show featured a whole host of legends and returning superstars, all of which would make an appearance throughout the show.

A lot of the WWE legends would have had segments with Enzo Amore that night. He revealed in an interview with Steve Austin that Enzo vs Goldust was set for Raw, before the Dudley Boyz were to put him through a table, with their 3-D finisher.

Then, WWE planned for him to lose his Cruiserweight Championship to “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase in a poker game, which would then go to Nia Jax.

Enzo would win the belt back by the end of the night, and would be a key thread going throughout the whole show (which needed to be completely re-written due to his suspension).

“I was talking to you guys, and then I go on and do rehearsals with Goldust as me and Goldust have a match on Raw 25 and then The Dudleys will come out and will put me through a table, and they have all this planned.”

“I am going to lose my title to Ted Dibiase and the APA in their poker game backstage with the Million Dollar Man,”

“Then, I come back, Nia Jax wins my title back for me because I lose it playing poker. She gives my title back to me at the end of the night.”

“I had the longest thread on Raw 25. I was going to be on the show being featured more than any of them, and they had to rewrite that whole entire show at what, 5:30, 6pm.”

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