Trent Beretta’s Neck Injury Began During WWE Video Game Motion Capture

Trent Beretta has suffered from neck injuries his entire AEW career, and recently revealed the origin of his injury was while working on the WWE Video Games.

The Best Friends member recently spoke to Chris Jericho, revealing his work as a motion capture artist was the cause of a long-standing injury that eventually required neck fusion surgery

Speaking on Talk Is Jericho, Trent Beretta revealed where his history of neck injuries began.

Trent Beretta revealed some hilarious stories during his episode of “Talk is Jericho”

The AEW star revealed to Chris Jericho that he used to work on the WWE Video Games, performing the bulk of the motion capture for the WWE 2K Series.

Trent Beretta claimed he took a Dragon Suplex from another wrestler onto a crash pad, but his opponent angled him too high, and he landed right on his head, compressing his neck.

The injury did not affect him right away, but began a culmination of injuries that would see him get neck fusion surgery in 2021, while signed to AEW.

Wrestlers like Cesaro and Trent Beretta have worked as Motion Capture for WWE Games.

“It was on a crash pad,” Beretta said regarding how his neck issues started. “They needed a — it didn’t even have to be the move that it was. We started on shoulders and we needed four moves where a guy on top slips behind, started as a fireman’s carry.”

“Guy slips behind, we needed four moves as reversals and we’ll use whatever. Somebody said dragon suplex. Luckily it was on a crash pad, but I don’t think it was a guy who did dragon suplexes.”

“He threw it how you would throw a German with a high arc, but he had my neck instead of my waist. So I landed right on top of my head on a crash pad.”

“It wasn’t like, ‘Oh no, I can’t wrestle.’ It was slowly over five or six years or whatever it was that it started getting worse and worse. But of course it was in mo-cap, not a match.”

Trent missed a number of months in AEW due to neck surgery, before making a memorable return to AEW during the “Arcade Anarchy” match, alongside his Mom, Sue.

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