Cody Rhodes Reveals Feelings After WrestleMania 39 Loss To Roman Reigns

Cody Rhodes has revealed what he felt after losing in the main event of WrestleMania 39 against Roman Reigns.

In one of the most shocking endings in WrestleMania history, Roman Reigns pinned Cody Rhodes to retain his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, thanks to help from Solo Sikoa.

This was seen by many as a controversial finish, and many admonished Triple H for booking such a flat ending to a fantastic weekend of wrestling.

Cody Rhodes had some very strong feelings regarding the ending, feeling disappointed following the ending of WrestleMania.

Speaking with Ariel Helwani on BT Sports, he revealed that, while he was disappointed in the result, he did not consider himself “screwed”, and found it difficult to move on and continue his story in the WWE.

Speaking to BT Sports, Cody Rhodes said:

“I had a really good conversation that night with Triple H where he was emphasizing how crucial it was for us to main event WrestleMania.” Cody Rhodes told Ariel Helwani on BT Sports.

“Even when someone you admire and have been trying to get their attention confirms it, even from someone who knows, deep down, I couldn’t help but feel like this sucks.”

“This walk is going to be terrible. My mom is waiting by the bus, little Brodie [Brodie Lee Jr, AKA Negative 1]’s crying… it just sucks. But I’ve never wanted to complain about anything.

“My friend, Sean Ross Sapp, kind of a friend, kind of not, suggested that I should talk about how I got screwed at WrestleMania. But that’s not the way to handle it.”

“I’d be kicking myself if I did that. Well, you know, the story is unfinished, and I just wanted to move on and focus on finishing it. That’s where I was at. So, I didn’t get over it quickly.”

“It’s not the kind of pain you simply overcome. But I managed to gather my strength and move on to the next challenge because transitioning to Raw was incredibly difficult, both as a character and as a person.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit BT Sports with a H/T to Atletifo for the transcription.

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