Cody Rhodes Is Reviving Texas Bullrope Match For Brock Lesnar Match

Hamish Woodward

Cody Rhodes is set to revive the Texas Bullrope Match for his clash with Brock Lesnar at Summerslam 2023.

His match against The Beast will be the third bout between the two, with each man winning one match apiece.

The trilogy will come to an end in one of the main events of Summerslam 2023, with The American Nightmare set to challenge Lesnar in the Texas Bullrope match.

Writing in this weeks Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer revealed that the company were bringing back a stipulation for the match, and that one of the ideas being considered is the Texas Bullrope Match.

“Lesnar vs. Rhodes III will be one of the SummerSlam main events. There has been a lot of talk about adding a stipulation and one of the ideas is a bull rope match.

That is not official and there are multiple other ideas for that match on the table, and no final decision has been made. Right now Lesnar is scheduled to work on the 7/7 Raw in Baltimore, the 7/17 Raw in Atlanta and the 7/31 Raw in Houston”

The Texas Bullrope match is similar to a chain match, or dog collar match. Both men are connected by a bullrope strapped to their wrists, meaning that neither man can run away.

The rope itself can also be used as a weapon, even used to choke out their opponent. The match is generally considered a no-disqualification match, meaning weapons and cheating is very much allowed.

The last time the Texas Bullrope match was seen in the WWE was when Randy Orton took on Cody’s father, Dusty Rhodes, in the match type at The Great American Bash 2007.

This helped facilitate Cody’s debut in the company (against Orton) and launched his career as a WWE Superstar.

Bringing the match type back brings his WWE career full circle, and honours his father and the impact he had not only on Cody Rhodes, but on the entire wrestling world as a whole.

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