Danhausen Reveals Origin Of His Gimmick And Future Plans

Hamish Woodward

AEW star Danhausen has taken the wrestling world by storm in recent years. He made waves on the indie scene before being signed by ROH, and then joining All Elite Wrestling in 2022.

Danhausen, the wrestler with an unusual personality, has created a gimmick that has gained popularity among fans for its unique combination of horror and comedy elements.

When asked about how he came up with the character, Danhausen revealed that it was a blend of his fascination with horror movies and Halloween, as well as his love of comedy.

While Danhausen’s appearance is one of the most notable aspects of his gimmick, with his face painted white and black lips, top hat, and a jar of teeth, his character is not only about his macabre image. He is also known for his wit and humor, often engaging in humorous interactions with fans and using his trademark language, a mix of accents and made-up words that he calls “Danhausenian.”

For Danhausen, his character is an ever-changing work in progress, with new additions being made based on fan feedback and his own interests. These can range from new catchphrases, moves, and even merchandise. His use of language and unique persona have made him a standout wrestler in a crowded field.

When asked about the future of his character, Danhausen expressed his desire to continue pushing the boundaries and exploring new directions. “I don’t want to get too comfortable with Danhausen,” he said. “I always want to keep pushing myself and see where I can take the character.”

Danhausen’s gimmick has received positive feedback from fans who appreciate its innovation and freshness. His persona is unique, and his mix of horror and comedy elements has made him an entertaining and unforgettable wrestler.

In Danhausen’s own words, “Danhausen is a strange man, but a friendly man. And that’s why people love him.” With his quirky personality and creative gimmick, Danhausen is sure to continue leaving a mark in the wrestling world for many years to come.

The “Very Nice, Very Evil” wrestler hasn’t wrestled much in AEW for whatever reason, but he will finally get his big break at AEW Revolution 2023.

Danhausen will team with Orange Cassidy in the tag team title match, having won a Casino Battle Royal match on AEW Dynamite this week.

Orange Cassidy and Danhausen will take on The Acclaimed, Gunn Club and Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett for the AEW Tag Team Championships.

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