David Arquette Wants Tag Team Run In AEW or WWE

Hamish Woodward

Two decades after winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, David Arquette has spied a return to the big leagues with AEW or WWE.

The actor-turned-professional wrestler found fame in wrestling in 2000, starring in the movie Ready to Rumble as well as wrestling in WCW.

David Arquette pinned Eric Bischoff to win the WCW Championship in 2000, which is still one of the most controversial title wins of all time.

While the fans hated the result, it has not stopped Arquette from ruling out a return to wrestling.

In an interview with Comicbookmovie.com, David Arquette was asked about a potential return to wrestling, with either WWE or AEW.

The former WCW Champion humored the idea, and stated he would be availble to wrestle in WWE or AEW.

He cited Terry Funk as a man who came out of retirement multiple times as justification for a potential return. David Arquette then mentioned that he owuld rather wrestle in a tag team, rather than appear as a manager.

I love both of those companies. I think they’re doing amazing stuff right now.” David Arquette said,

“You know, wrestling is a funny world. Once you’re part of it, you’re always part of it.”

“I just love meeting the fans and being part of the whole show. I’ll never take it off the table. Wrestling is so painful [Laughs] but a manager, I don’t know…a tag team, maybe? I don’t know. Terry Funk retired about a million times.”

David Arquette infamous wrestled Nick Gage in recent years, slicing his throat open and nearly dying in a death match against the former GCW Champion.

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