How The Young Bucks Invented All Elite Wrestling’s Name

Hamish Woodward

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Despite the immense success of AEW, the origins of the promotion come from humble beginnings.

In that, the name of the company – All Elite Wrestling – was conjured up during a text conversation by none other than The Young Bucks.

Matt Jackson, the eldest of the two brothers. thought up the idea of combining “The Elite” with “All In”, giving the name of Tony Khan’s promotion “All Elite Wrestling”.

While they weren’t sure about having two vowels next to each other at first, it clearly turned out to be a fantastic idea.

Writing in their debut book “Killing the Business“, Nick Jackson wrote (each chapter was written by a different Jackson brother):

“We had a plan, but we still didn’t have a name for this project” Nick Jackson wrote.

“We even thought of just calling it ELITE, and giving each letter in the word a meaning. We even thought of just calling it Elite Wrestling, but Tony [AEW President Tony Khan] really preffered having three letters.”

“Elite Wrestling Association, or EWA, was another suggestion. Nothing really clicked.”

Finally, one day during a long conversatiion in our group chat, Matt [Jackson, of the Young Bucks] had a idea.”

‘What uf you took the two brands, All in and Elite, and merged them into one. All Elite Wrestling. AEW.'”

“Putting two vowels together seemed strange. But, as the hours passed by, it started growing more on all of us. On September 5, All Elite Wrestling and AEW trademarks were filed”.

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