Donald Trump Wrestles A Match In WWE Against Rosie O’Donnell… Or Did He?

Donald Trump has a long and storied history in the WWE, but fans will not remember him wrestling a match for the WWE.

If you look at the results for Monday Night Raw over the years, you’ll see a very strange match – Donald Trump vs Rosie O’Donnell.

Yes, this match happened. It was bizarre, but it wasn’t exactly how you may imagine it.

Keep reading to find out what really happened when Donald Trump wrestled inn the WWE.

Donald Trump vs Rosie O’Donnell

In 2007, Vince McMahon had a brilliant idea to pit Donald Trump in a match against Rosie O’Donnell.

And by brilliant, I mean one of the most bizarre and terrible things the WWE have ever done.

Maybe brilliant wasn’t quite the word for it.

The “genius” idea by Mr McMahon was to capitalize on the 15-year feud that had been going on in the media between Trump and O’Donnell.

The rivalry began when Rosie O’Donnell attended Donald Trump’s 1993 wedding to Marla Maples. After speaking with him and hearing his stories, she banned him from “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” – something which irked Trump no end.

She explained her disdain for Trump, revealing he doesn’t speak to his kids, and even punched his son in the face.

“He’s the most absurdly transparent con man,” Rosie told me. “He’s dumb. His parents didn’t like him; they sent him away to New York Military Academy. He punched his kid in the face at college,”

“He never spoke to his children,” she said. “I’m friendly with Marla, which is how I was at his wedding. I know the shit that he did.”

The pair fired shots at one another over the years, and WWE tried to take advantage of that by booking them in a match.

However, and of course this was the case – neither one wanted to wrestle, were fit to wrestle, nor were even contacted to wrestle.

On the January 8th, 2007 episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE paid two indie wrestlers to dress up as the two personalities, wrestling in a “match” on Raw.

Vince McMahon announced the match, referring to O’Donnell as a “double chinned Diva” with “Lesbionic Fury”.

Meanwhile, he called Trump a good friend of his, showing whose side he was on in the debate.

The crowd HATED the match. It was clear it wasn’t really Donald Trump vs Rosie O’Donnell, but two indie wrestlers purposely badly wrestling.

They booed. They jeered. The crowd just wanted it to end as soon as it begin. Luckily, the horrible experiment ended soon after, hopefully never to be repeated.

Donald Trump won his “debut” match in the WWE by pinning Rosie O’Donnell, after throwing a cake in her face and hitting a diving headbutt (made famous by Chris Benoit) before pinning her for the win.

Oh no, wait – they did it again the year after, with Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton.

Battle Of The Billionaires

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