Edge Says John Cena Made A Big Mistake About Nexus Match At Summerslam

Hamish Woodward

Edge told John Cena that him beating the Nexus at Summerslam 2010 was a mistake, the WWE Hall of Famer has revealed.

John Cena lead a team of eight WWE Superstars in a bout against The Nexus, who comprised eight of the top young talents in WWE and led by Wade Barrett.

Going against what everybody thought should happen, John Cena took a DDT on the concrete outside the ring before coming back to pin two Nexus members back-to-back, winning the match for his team.

This loss effectively buried The Nexus, ending the WWE’s chance to make eight brand-new main events in one night.

One man who knew that it was the wrong call was Edge, who was part of Team Cena at Summerslam 2010.

In an interview with Inside the Ropes, Edge revealed that he and Chris Jericho tried to talk Cena out of the ending, trying to convince him to let the Nexus pick up the win over The Champ.

John Cena ignored this advice, although later admitted he was wrong about the result of the match,

“It was the week before, maybe two weeks before we were in Sacramento, and if there was the moment where both teams were faced off across the ring from each other and we could literally feel the building shaking.

“I thought, ‘Whoa, wow, we got something here. You could feel the rumble; that’s rare.’ So I thought, ‘Right, man, these kids are cooking. You just gotta continue to throw gasoline on this thing.'”

“So, get to SummerSlam, and then, you know, we got told that finish, and Chris and I went, ‘Oh, what? That makes no sense. I mean, they gotta go over, you know, even if it’s only Barrett at the end, he needs to go over.'”

“And for whatever reason, they were stuck on it, and John was really stuck on it. More so than that, it was like you’re getting DDT’d on an exposed concrete floor and kicking out of that and then winning the match.”

“To me, to guys like me and Jericho, it’s like, ‘Well, here goes that gimmick,’ you know? And at a certain point, you just go, ‘Right, I would love for them to be able to keep rolling and running, and I think you now have new main event players.'”

“That’s obviously not in someone’s plans, so all, you know, Chris and I could do is go, ‘Right,’ and what we both said is, ‘You’re all making a mistake,’ and we left it at that. And I think it proves, you know, over time, it was a mistake.”

The Nexus never recovered from this loss by Cena, with none of the eight men in that Summerslam match going on to become world champions in the WWE.

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