Matt Hardy Heaps Praise On Bryan Danielson In New AEW Role

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Various wrestlers have talked about how great Bryan Danielson is, in the wake of his impending retirement in 2024.

The American Dragon revealed that he promised to wind down his career once his daughter turned seven years old, on AEW Dynamite.

With her recently turning six, Bryan Danielson is determined to go out with a bang, starting with a dream match against Zack Sabre Jr at AEW WrestleDream 2023.

Matt Hardy has been one man to throw his hat in the ring, claiming that he “can’t say enough positive things” about Bryan Danielson since joining AEW.

The former ECW Champion called the American Dragon “great”, calling him “role model and the teach you want” since taking on a new role in AEW.

Danielson has been brought into the AEW creative team with Tony Khan, and seems to have taken over CM Punk’s role as the “head” of AEW Collision, since Punk’s firing from AEW earlier this month.

Speaking on the latest episode of “The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy“, Matt Hardy had nothing but good things to say about Bryan Danieslon.

“Bryan Danielson’s great. I can’t say enough positive, good things about him. Since he’s come in he’s been the role model and the teacher that you want because he’s very understanding and if someone wants to work out he’s there to get with them, he will be there early to work with people.”

“He’s also very level-headed, he’s very calm, he has an amazing mentality,” Hardy said. “He loves pro wrestling, obviously everybody knows that. But, he is just the perfect guy to transition into a position of being a leader and being able to help mold younger talent. He’s an exemplary human being and an exemplary talent as well, so lots of love for Bryan Danielson.”

Click here to listen to the latest episode of “The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy”

Bryan Danielson will wrestle Zack Sabre Jr at AEW WrestleDream on Sunday, October 1 at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Washington.

This will be AEW’s first pay per view in Danielson’s home state, and will be giving fans a dream match they’ve wanted to see for years.

The par previously wrestled in 2008, although a match between the two at Forbidden Door 2022 was cancelled due to a concussion to Danieslon.

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