Eric Bischoff Reveals Why He Split Up The NWO

Hamish Woodward

During a recent episode of 83 Weeks, former WCW boss Eric Bischoff spoke candidly about the decision to split up the NWO and form The Wolfpac. He revealed that the NWO storyline was stalling and that there had been little progression with the group for months.

He revealed that the idea came from Kevin Nash, who was position as the leader of the Red & Black Wolfpac, in opposition to Hulk Hogan.

“I guess the frustration that existed at that time, and especially from Kevin (Nash), was that there was no progression. It wasn’t going anywhere. Now, Kevin didn’t articulate it that way, but that’s what was happening. There’s nothing happening with the NWO that feels any different than what we have been doing for quite a while at that point.”

“I think Kevin was smart enough and had the instinct enough to start recognizing it, and I know Kevin pretty well and I knew him pretty well back then. Kevin’s not going to quietly just do what he’s been told to do or asked to do. Kevin’s going to speak up, and Kevin’s presentation when Kevin’s starting to get frustrated, he doesn’t say, ‘Hey Eric, let’s go and have a nice dinner. I got a couple ideas I want to share with you and let’s just riff a little bit.’ That’s not Kevin. Kevin comes at it a little differently a little more aggressively and by aggressive I mean blunt. Not angry, but just blunt.”

“That bluntness and that was a result of the frustration of, there’s no logical progression of the story. It was in a stalemate creatively. That’s what created the frustration and some of the vocal things that Kevin said that got out or that people were reacting to.”

“There was still a ton of respect between Kevin and Hulk it wasn’t a personal thing it was a frustration and hey we got this fast horse and you got it tied to a tree let’s untie this horse we’re gonna figure out a way to get the horse running again and it was really Kevin I think it was Nash’s idea to split it up. Now, and not for political reasons but to progress the story and if you think about it and I didn’t think about it then because I didn’t have the same experience or knowledge or interest really in detailed storytelling…”

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