Fandango Talks Wrestling Chris Jericho At WrestleMania 29

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Fandango was released by the WWE in 2021, nearly a decade after his debut in the company.

The Ballroom dancing wrestler made a huge splash in 2013, taking on Chris Jericho in his first ever match in the WWE.

The match took place on the biggest show of the year (WrestleMania 29), and saw Fandango pick up a shock win over the former WWE Champion.

In a recent interview with, Fandango spoke about his debut match in the WWE, which was against Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29.

“Chris and I were always really cool. He’s a legend in our business and he’s done a lot. He was one of the reasons why I got into wrestling. I remember when he came over to WWF in I think ‘99, I was just getting in the business at the time.

I think he was under the impression that he might have been working someone else going into WrestleMania 29. I believe it was Ryback and then that got switched up and Ryan ended up, I think he worked with Mark Henry or Kalisto or something like that.

I think February or March, Mr McMahon goes, ‘Hey we’re gonna have you work with the kid with the dancing gimmick. You have five to six weeks to build this angle to Mania and he’s gonna go over on you.”

“I can understand him being a little irked about the situation. I kind of felt like I was in the crossfire.

I’m debuting on the main roster after being developmental for 25 years and I’m working with a guy that I looked up to, a legend, and I’m Vince’s pet at the time.

He’s producing the vignettes and stuff. So I feel like I’m kind of stuck in the middle here where Chris, I think, personally likes me, but he’s not too excited about wrestling a ballroom dancer at WrestleMania, which I can understand.”

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