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After the huge success of the first two events, Forbidden Door 2024 is bound to take place next year, in a huge way.

The cross-promotion event of the year pits the top stars from AEW and NJPW against one another.

It gives the fans dream matches they never could have expected, like 2023’s main event of Kazuchika Okada taking on Bryan Danielson.

In this article, we look forward to some of the dream matches that we predict will take place at Forbidden Door in 2024.

This show could take place in Japan, although most likely will be broadcast from the United States.

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Kenny Omega vs Jay White

A rivalry between The Elite and Bullet Club Gold could set the stage for one of the biggest matches at Forbidden Door 2024.

White has looked every bit a star since signing for AEW earlier this year, and could be the holder of the AEW Championship by the time next years Forbidden Door comes around.

A title defense against a seemingly-Japan bound Omega would be certain to main event the show, and produce an all-time great match.

Kenny Omega vs Jay White has happened before in NJPW and become one of Jay White’s best matches in 2018. However, Jay White has ascended into greatness since then and has become in the conversation for the best wrestler in the world.

Building on their history, Forbidden Door 2024 could be the perfect place for the rematch of the decade in an incredible battle for the richest prize in wrestling – the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

Forbidden Door 2024 Prediction: Jay White beats Kenny Omega in a huge clash of the former Bullet Club leaders.

Bryan Danielson vs Will Ospreay

With Forbidden Door 2023 having two all-time dream matches (Ospreay vs Omega and Danielson vs Okada), it seems the only way to raise the stakes for 2024 is putting two of the best ever against one another.

Will Ospreay vs Bryan Danielson at Forbidden Door 2024 would be the perfect match up. Both men won their bouts in 2023, and are huge stars in their respective companies.

The match wouldn’t need a story, although these two huge personalities would be able to craft one to keep the crowd engaged.

After this years win against Okada, a bout with Ospreay is the next step-up he could make. I have no doubt these two could produce a six-star rated match, similar to Kenny Omega vs Will Ospreay from this year’s show.

Bryan Danielson claimed he would love to wrestle Will Ospreay, during the Forbidden Door post show scrum, so it seems the wrestlers are happy to have the match.

Prediction: IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay beats Bryan Danielson in the best match ever.

CM Punk vs KENTA

While this match was heavily teased by KENTA going into the first two Forbidden Door shows, it was not put together for the dream show.

KENTA was not even present at the shows, despite being one of the first New Japan stars to travel through the Forbidden Door all the way back in 2021.

CM Punk was meant to face Hiroshi Tanahashi at the 2022 show, but injury forced him to pull out of the show and miss it altogether.

In 2023, he defeated legend Satoshi Kojima, so a match with KENTA would be a natural progression for the Best in the World.

KENTA has teased a match with CM Punk numerous times (even outright challenging him) over the latter’s use of the Go to sleep – a move invented by KENTA.

The feud rights itself and would be a dream match for fans on Indie wrestling in the mid 2000s.

Despite both men seemingly being against the match, it would be a huge dream match for the fans.

Predictions: CM Punk beats KENTA with the Anaconda Vice, after KENTA kicks out of the GTS

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