Forbidden Door Post-Show Media Scrum Notes

Forbidden Door 2023 is in the books, and even before the post-show media scrum it was heralded as one of the best shows of all time.

With matches like Will Ospreay vs Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson vs Kazuchika Okada headlining the card, it couldn’t be anything but one of the all-time great shows in AEW history.

While the post-show media scrum was not quite as explosive as the infamous one at All Out 2022 (where CM Punk went absolutely mental and caused a huge controversy), it still had some interesting notes from it.

Forbidden Door Post-Show Media Scrum Notes

Sting/Darby Allin (with Chris Jericho interruption)

  • Sting looks forward heading back to England, hasn’t set a date of when he’ll retire
  • Chris Jericho abruptly storms into the Media Press, hits a water bottle with his baseball bat and demands Tony Khan to book a tornado tag team match between Darby/Sting vs Jericho/Sammy
  • He hit a bottle of water into a journalist’s face with the bat, causing them to bleed.

Will Ospreay

  • Ospreay worked on his cardio/endurance, trained at pro/rev academy for this match
  • Felt lots of anxiety before this match, when he took on Omega for the first time after all the press conference talk it felt the whole world was watching
  • Looking to be more sensible on how he wrestles, most likely wrapping up wrestling on independent shows and focusing on NJPW/AEW due to how his body is slowly breaking down
  • Ospreay would love to wrestle against Naomichi Marufuji this year
  • “Did I get in trouble for the stuff with the Canadian flag?” Says Ospreay, “Hopefully not thankfully you work for New Japan haha”
  • Saw the flag, noticed a 12 year old kid flipping him [Oespreay] and thought it would be funny laugh
  • Will Ospreay said he’d “love” to wrestle at All In, cites Freddy Mercury and Oasis as inspirations.
  • Claimed that if he isn’t booked on the show, he’ll come and watch anyway

Toni Storm

  • Toni Storm revealed she wore he Stardom gear because “it arrived the day of the show”. Reiterates it “wasn’t a tribute”.
  • Claimed she wont “mark out” for Guilla, but didn’t seem bothered about wrestling her. Called everyone “marks”.
  • Says her and the Outcasts are “a sisterhood”, and warns Tony Khan to tell the other girls not to break her nose anymore.
  • Claimed Willow Nightingale “slapped her tits off”, but that she wasn’t as great as Toni Storm.
  • Talks about her partnership with Juice Robinson, would “go and get him out of whatever stupid situation he’s got himself into” if she needed to (Toni Storm is currently dating Juice Robinson).
  • Doesn’t want to wrestle Jamie Hayter again, boasts she beat her in three minutes at Double or Nothing 2023.

Bryan Danielson

  • Danielson entered with his right arm in a cast, immediately shouts “WHO WANTS TO FIGHT!?”
  • Reveals he didn’t ask for “The Final Countdown” as his entrance music, was Tony Khan’s idea. Hasn’t heard the song since his ROH days.
  • Doesn’t think he’ll have the song full time, Europe want “a bazillion dollars per play”.
  • Bryan Danielson took what happened in the rest of the show, and based the match around the totality of the show.
  • Danielson was planning to wrestle on AEW Dynamite. Fractured right forearm during the match.
  • Will miss 6 to 8 weeks with injury.
  • Never thought he’d ever get to wrestle Okada. Says he had more satisfaction wrestling Okada with a broken forearm than not.
  • Pissed off at Wheeler Yuta, will slap him with his left hand and eventually fight against Ishii or the guy that fractured his right forearm.
  • Wants to wrestle Okada again, and break Okada’s arm as revenge. Also wants to wrestle Ishii.
  • Doesn’t worry about the booking, will do whatever Tony Khan asks him to do. Wants to wrestle lots of NJPW wrestlers.
  • Bryan Danielson didn’t want to follow Ospreay/Omega. Reveals he got angry at Okada’s “Money Drop”, because his father never got to experience that level of wealth.
  • It made him angry and fell “less than” as a child, who grew up in a poor area. Motivated him to “kick this guy’s ass” in the ring.
  • Would like to wrestle in Japan for NJPW, but is more focused on working in America for AEW.
  • “I’m 42, i’ve wrestled for over 24 years is it smart for me to do the G-1? probably not”
  • Appreciates the AEW medical staff, before every match talks to the doctors about certain moves and they give him very frank answers.
  • Didn’t plan on doing the “Yes” chants in the Okada match, only did it because he had a broken arm and needed to do something to hype the crowd up.
  • The broken forearm injury occurred when Okada hit Bryan Danielson with an elbow drop. It was a “freak accident”.
  • Would like to wrestle Zack Sabre Jr or Will Ospreay at All In at Wembley.
  • Also names CM Punk, Darby Allin, Kenny Omega and Orange Cassidy as people he’d like to face.
  • First doubted Orange Cassidy when AEW started, after watching him a lot decided that he’s fantastic.

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