Fuego Del Sol Announces AEW Departure

Fuego Del Sol has announced his departure from AEW, following months of silence.

The 27 year old has not wrestled for AEW since January 2023, when he teamed with Leon Ruffin to take on the Jericho Appreciate Society.

Fuego Del Sol revealed his AEW release on Twitter, saying “Thank you AEW. Though this chapter is coming to a close, this is just the beginning for Fuego Del Sol. Now accepting bookings any and everywhere!”.

His time in AEW was memorable. Fuego Del Sol had some big moments in the company.

Hook beat Fuego Del Sol in his AEW debut. Fuego earned a contract in the company by beating Miro in a classic moment.

He alho teamed with Fuego Dos, which was Cody Rhodes dressed up like Fuego, although AEW never admitted him to be the masked character.

Fuego Del Sol is the latest release from AEW. You can click below to read about more AEW stars who were fired.

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