HOOK vs Fuego Del Sol – The First Match of HOOK

Hamish Woodward


AEW have just found themselves a future star, and fans have been singing his praises for a year now, despite never seeing him wrestler. Hook vs Fuego Del Sol was Hook’s debut in wrestling, and as the son of Tazz, the expectations were high.

Luckily for the wrestling world, expectations were correct, if not slightly underestimating. On AEW Rampage on Friday 10th December 2021, Hook swaggered his way to the ring in his debut match in wrestling.

He immediately felt like a big deal. Tony Khan shelled out the money to get the rights to the Action Bronson song “The Chairman’s Regret”. Very few wrestlers have licensed theme music for their entrances, with Hook joining a select list of wrestlers including Orange Cassidy, Ruby Soho and CM Punk.

Joining his unique entrance theme was an equally unique attire. Drawing inspiration from boxing, he strode to the ring adorned in shining silver boxing shorts, with white high top boots and his fists taped. He wore a chain around his next and cockily chewed gum as he sauntered down the ramp toward Fuego Del Sol who stood, ready and waiting, in the ring.

Hook vs Fuego Del Sol

As the match began, Fuego stared down Hook, ready to fight. Hook did the opposite. He leaned heavily on the ring post in the corner, turning his back to Fuego in a defiant show of arrogance.

Despite Team Tazz being betrayed by Dante Martin just two days prior, Hook was oozing with confidence as the bell rang and the match began.

They said “Send Hook”. I sent him!

Tazz on Hook vs Fuego Del Sol

The pair locked up and immediately took advantage, ducking in behind and taking down Fuego with a Judo throw, locking in the front chancery on the high flyer.

Hook then twisted the arm of Fuego again, once again getting in behind with a slippery manuever, before throwing his to the ground again and locking in another headlock. Fuego Del Sol reached for the ropes however and forced Hook to release the hold. However, Hook waited until the full five seconds had passed, then confronted referee Bryce Remsburg when told to stop.

However, this momentary lapse of concentration gave Fuego the chance to capitalise. Hook showed his inexperience by taking his eye off the ball, and it almost cost him the match as Fuego rolled him and pinned him, luckily only for the two count.

Hook then took control again, hitting Fuego with another Jude maneuverer then locking in a modified “Bow and Arrow” submission move. In clear agony, Fuego managed to break the hold with repeated elbow shots to the stomach, but ate shots to the stomach and head as a result.

The pair traded holds until Hook managed to reverse an arm drag with a delightful flip into a go-behind and a gut wrench suplex to take Fuego Del Sol off his feet, injuring his back. However, Fuego retaliated with an uppercut and spear into the corner, knocking the wind out of the Son of Tazz momentarily.

Fuego then went for his signature move, the Tornado DDT, but the young Hook used his supreme strength to catch the luchador out of mid air. He threw him into the air as Fuego came crashing down to the mat, before eating a mean clothesline. With all the fast paced action, Hook barely broke a sweat.

Hook then hit Fuego with a brutal high-collar back front suplex, before laying in him with a series of forearms to the head. He then locked his legs around the young star, locking in his fathers signature submission move, known as the Tazzmission, although as Tazz revealed on Twitter is now known as the Redrum.

Fuego tapped out almost immediately and Hook had a win on his record in his debut match.


At just the age of 22, Hook looks to be a huge prospect. This match was only three minutes long and designed to make Hook look as good as possible. However, it did exactly that. Hook looked like an absolute star, and someone to really look out for in the coming years.

Fans and wrestlers alike have already heaped praise on the young Son of Tazz. Dustin Rhodes called him “Special” and Bryan Alvarez assured us that his debut was “All that and a back of chips”

The future so far is unsure for Hook, although Tony Khan has so far impressed in his book for young talents. Fans have speculated they may see Hook as AEW Champion one day, but it’s too early that. Right now we just need to appreciate that we could be seeing a fresh young talent start from day one in AEW, and that was exciting.


My rating for this match was a 3 Stars. It was short, but it did exactly what it had to.

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