What’s next for HOOK in AEW? (Future AEW Champion?)

Hamish Woodward


AEW Legend Hook has made his in-ring debut in an impressive win on AEW Rampage over Fuego Del Sol. The son of ECW Legend Tazz has been a feature of AEW television for the past year as part of team Tazz, but hadn’t wrestled until Friday on Rampage.

After a year of running with Team Tazz and a brief stint as MJF’s “Gum Guy”, Hook has finally made his long awaited debut on AEW Rampage. He immediately felt like a star the second he came out from the back. He has a unique look, with his messy hair joining his white high tops, silver “Boxing Style” shorts and taped hands.

Hook also joined other stars like Orange Cassidy, Jungle Boy and Ruby Soho as one of the few AEW wrestlers with a licensed track as their entrance music. AEW have licensed Action Bronson’s tune “The Chairman’s Intent” as Hook’s walk-out song, making him feel like a star immediately. Tazz even mentioned that he and Hook were friends with the rapper, which is where the collaboration came from.

If you thought Hook was all presentation and nothing else, then you will be pleasantly surprised. In his debut match against Fuego Del Sol, he showcased some incredible in-ring ability for someone wrestling in their first ever match.

Straight out of the gate, Hook showcased some great technical wrestling ability as well as some brutal looking judo throws. His wrestling was smooth and crisp, years ahead of someone with his experience. Compared to other wrestlers early on in their careers like Anna Jay or Dominik Mysterio, Hook likes like a star already.

Despite only one match in AEW, fans are starting to see the true star potential. It’s led fans and wrestlers alike to start to debate – What’s next for Hook in AEW?

What’s Next for HOOK in AEW?

AEW have a number of young stars on their roster, and Tony Khan has shown that he knows how to book them well and help their development in the ring. The likes of Jungle Boy, Darby Allin and MJF were in similar positions to Hook at the dawn of AEW, but were looked after in their booking and made into stars in AEW in a short period of time.

Whilst Jungle Boy and Darby Allin lost a lot of their initial matches, Hook’s presentation is as such that he should be beaten easily. He has an aura of arrogance about him, and something that would be wisped away should he suffer defeat after defeat as Jungle Boy has.

Hook needs to be protected. He can be put in matches on AEW Dark to help build his reps in the win, and he can win those matches handily. There are a number of great talents WWE have featured on Dark that can wrestle. Hook has momentum and can capitalise on that starting with a few squashes on AEW Dark.

AEW should not be shy about having him have more matches on AEW Rampage or Dynamite. While his look and attitude hint at a more arrogant “prize fighter” type gimmick, someone his age needs to get matches in the ring, and he’s shown he can make them entertaining.

There are a number of AEW wrestlers who could put over Hook without question. A win over Dante Martin as part of his current feud with Team Tazz would do wonders to further legitimise the son of Tazz. Other wrestlers like Lee Moriarty, Lee Johnson and Wheeler Yuta would be prime candidates for some short matches with Hook.

Does Hook have a future as an AEW Champion? It’s too early to tell. He sure shows signs of potential, and the fact Tony Khan has shelled out to get Action Bronson as his theme song means he sees big things for the youngster. A TNT Championship reign in a year or two aren’t out of the question, although possible a tag team run with Ricky Starks or Will Hobbs could be the smart thing to do in the near future.

I’m excited to see where Hook goes in the year to come, as he joins a long list of the best up and coming wrestlers in AEW. With the likes of Tazz and Cody Rhodes helping with his training, the sky is the limit for this talented youngster who has taken AEW by storm.

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