Gene Snitsky Was Forced To Dirty Teeth By Vince McMahon

Hamish Woodward

Gene Snitsky is an interesting character in the history of the WWE. He was a big man with an interesting look and had a push for a time in the company.

His biggest moments in the company came during his feud with Kane. He accidentally caused the abortion of Kane’s in-storyline wife Lita, and proceeded to use that tragedy as his gimmick going forward.

Snitsky would proclaim that “it wasn’t my fault” before regularly punting fake babies into the crowd, an odd way to try to prove his innocence. He feuded with Kane for a while but ultimately didn’t really go anywhere.

The big man from Pennsylvania had very little character development, being mainly used as a “hired gun” by the likes of Eric Bischoff and Edge. The latter did reveal that he had a foot fetish, which was an odd take on the monster character.

However, in 2007 Snitsky was drafted to ECW and underwent a drastic character change. He became a psychotic madman, shaving all of his hair and eyebrows off and looking as dirty as possible. He was very disconcerting to look at and not the best thing for a visual audience to watch.

The Former WWE star was a guest on AdFreeShows’ Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda, and revealed that it was Vince McMahon who gave him the direction for this new grotesque character. McMahon told Snitsky to dirty up his teeth in addition to shaving off all his hair, to make him as horrible to look at as possible.

“I just remember Vince coming to me. [He said] ‘Hey, man. You’re doing such a great job for us. I’m going to move you to ECW and we’re going to have you like, just be this killer heel. But, I want you to go shave all your hair off and go see the makeup lady and do something with your teeth to make them look like, dirty and grimy.’”

“I’ve got all these guys I’m just mowing over and then — I don’t know, three, four, five months later or whatever it was — Stephanie stops me in the hall. ‘Hey, Gene, my dad just loves what you’re doing on ECW. We’re going to draft you back to Raw’ … I don’t understand it then, I don’t understand it now.”

Gene Snitsky briefly wrestled for TNA in 2014, but was fired not long after his debut in the company.

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