Jeff Jarrett Reveals “Slap Nuts” Catchphrase Came From His Grandmother

Hamish Woodward

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Jeff Jarrett has been on a roll in AEW recently, although he has yet to introduce the AEW crowd to his famous catchphrase – Slap Nuts!

The term came from his time in WCW. He would call various wrestlers or personalities with the humorous phrase, before laying a wooden guitar over their head, with malice. As Mike Graham once said, he “broke 6000 guitars and never drew a dime”.

The former WCW and TNA World Heavyweight Champion made the phrase famous in the late 1990s, but it has followed him around even until today in 2023. He now wrestles in AEW and will wrestle for the tag team titles at AEW Revolution, but still found time to comment on where the term “Slap Nuts” came from.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, Jeff Jarrett revealed where Slap Nuts (also stylised as Slap Nutz) came from. He revealed that the idea came from his grandmother, who used to call people “slappies”. He took that and changed it to slap nuts, even though nobody else knew that it meant.

“That’s a funny story. My grandmother used to call folks “slappies.” That is people who slapped their gums. They know more and more about less and less every day. So just during that time, the slap nuts just rolled off. I was called in at Nitro when slap nuts was taking off. They said ‘We need to ask you a question.’ They were dead serious ‘What does slap nuts mean? We have looked in the Urban Dictionary and we can not find it.’ I’m like ‘wow this business has come a long way,’ I’m being questioned about where slap nuts came from.”

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