Jeff Jarrett

Why Steve Austin Refused To Wrestle Jeff Jarrett In The WWE

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is one of the biggest stars in wrestling history, although he has pulled the “that doesn’t ...

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Jeff Jarrett Reveals Why WCW Went Under 2001

Jeff Jarrett has revealed why WCW died in 2001, followings years of being a successful wrestling promotion. Jarrett was one ...

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Jeff Jarrett Files Trademark For “Heat” – Faction Name Finally Revealed

Jeff Jarrett’s faction in AEW could finally be getting a name, as the former TNA boss filed for the trademark ...

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Jeff Jarrett Didn’t Steal Kurt Angle’s Wife, Star Reveals

Jeff Jarrett has revealed that he never stole his wife from Kurt Angle, and that the pair were legally separated ...

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FTR Defeat Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett In Fun, Yet Overbooked Match

FTR defended their AEW Tag Team Championships against Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett, in a overbooked, fun match at Double ...

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Jeff Jarrett Reveals How NWO 2000 Could Have Succeeded In WCW

Jeff Jarrett’s NWO is one forgotten part of history, and the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion has spoken about how ...

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Samoa Joe celebrates as the TNT and ROH Television Champion

TNA “Didn’t Do Everything Right” With Samoa Joe As World Champion

On the latest episode of My World, Jeff Jarrett talked about all things TNA, most notably about Samoa Joe finally ...

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Jeff Jarrett Proved He’s Still A Star In Match Vs Orange Cassidy

When Jeff Jarrett made his debut in AEW on November 2, 2022, appearing alongside Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh and Sonjay ...

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Hulk Hogan’s Last WCW Match Terrible Bout With Jeff Jarrett

World Championship Wrestling was the main competitor for the WWE in the 1990s. With big stars like Hulk Hogan, Sting ...

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jeff jarrett bullet club

Jeff Jarrett Reveals “Slap Nuts” Catchphrase Came From His Grandmother

Jeff Jarrett has been on a roll in AEW recently, although he has yet to introduce the AEW crowd to ...

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Most NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Reigns Of All Time

The NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship is one of the most prestigious title belts in wrestling history. From it’s start in ...

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Jeff Jarrett On AEW Starting House Shows And Emerging Markets

Jeff Jarrett has wowed the AEW fans in recent weeks with his matches against The Acclaimed – although wrestling won’t ...

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