TNA “Didn’t Do Everything Right” With Samoa Joe As World Champion

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Samoa Joe celebrates as the TNT and ROH Television Champion

On the latest episode of My World, Jeff Jarrett talked about all things TNA, most notably about Samoa Joe finally winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

It was at Lockdown 2008 where Joe would win the world title for the first time, defeating Kurt Angle in one of the many amazing matches the pair had together.

While he admits TNA “didn’t do everything perfect” in regards to Samoa Joe, Jeff Jarrett did state that it “was a really well built story that paid off

Speaking on “My World“, Jeff Jarrett said;

“Look, in reading the notes and doing my best recollection — we had all the confidence in the world that he was going to re-up, although it wasn’t signed on the dotted line.

We integrated that into storylines, but at the end of the day once we got Joe rolling or he got himself rolling, or collectively we did and the undefeated streak and then the natural best out of three series against Kurt.

We didn’t do everything right at TNA, that may be an understatement, but we showed our patience with Joe. He went on a year and half winning streak and then, who’s the best guy to break it? And they did the headbutt and we did money there. And then they had the rubber match and then we came back and all that went together.

“But, Joe, as a performer for us — and yes he had wrestled in Japan, Ring of Honor, but he had not come up through the WWE system. He checked all the boxes to be certainly AJ was with us from day one, but Joe was right up there and on the momentum.

He checked every box that we possibly could create to be a homegrown star face of the company and so there were some speed bumps along the way, but Joe had it all. He had the entertainment component of it.

He could talk. He could work. He could do it all and so we stayed the course and I’m glad that the notes showed all that it was six-nine months that we wanted to stay the course and eventually crown Joe the champion

This is the event we headed into and promoted it and what a great opponent and Kurt and the way he had been just not built, but just his persona and his in-ring work not just physical, but his mic skills. This was a really well built story that paid off.”

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