The Many Lies of Hulk Hogan – Atletifo Wrestling Podcast

Hamish Woodward

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Have you ever believed a thing Hulk Hogan said? Well, think again!

On the latest episode of the Atletifo Wrestling Podcast, join us as Hamish, Matt, and Tayab explore some of the worst lies Hulk Hogan has ever said.

Plus, we discuss the upcoming AEW All In 2 Event at Wembley Stadium, and play another round of ‘I Got Goosebumps’, our wrestling guessing game.

Lastly, we hear more from the much-loved fan faction ‘To Be Loved’, which explores the relationship between “The Brothers of Destruction”. Which wacky voices will Tayab use this time?

Hulk Hogan claimed many things over the years over the years. If you want to hear how the Yakuza banned him from Japan for killing Antonio Inoki (Inoki died in 2022, about 40 years later), then this is absolutely the podcast for you.

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