Hulk Hogan Claimed He Wrestled 400-Days A Year… Somehow

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Hulk Hogan has told some absolute corkers over the year. His lies have to be some of the most horrendous in wrestling history, and it’s a wonder if even he believes the rubbish he spouts. As well as claiming he wrestled 400-days a year, Hulk Hogan’s lies include partying with dead people, playing professional baseball and starring in rock bands and movies.

Famed as being one of the biggest liars in the history of wrestling (and that is an impressive accomplishment), The Hulkster has made up a number of stories over the years, often for very little reason. Whether it is being a bass player for Metallica, killing Antonio Inoki or writing a song for a dead child that never existed, never put it past the WWE Hall of Famer to stretch the truth.

There is no limit to the rubbish that the two-time WWE Hall of Famer will spout. However, one of the oddest lies Hulk Hogan told came from his second autobiography, and concerned his travels to-and-from Japan, during his peak years in wrestling.

Hulk Hogan Claims He Wrestled 400-Days A Year

Writing in his second autobiography, “My Life Outside The Ring“, Hulk Hogan makes the outrageous claim that he wrestled 400 days in his career. Fans of the Julian calendar will know that there are 365 days per year, with an extra day added once every 4 years.

This, if my math is correct, is less than the 400 days that Hulk Hogan is claiming. So how does he work out, he has worked 35 (sometimes 34) days more than there physically is? Well, he claims that as he flew to and from Japan, he would gain the hours back in the day when the time zones changed. He claimed that he would wrestle in New York in one day, then fly to Japan to wrestle, gaining 14 hours in one day.

“If I say I wrestled four hundred days a year, it’s no exaggeration. My years were actually longer than 365 days. There were times when I’d fly back and forth to Japan twice a week just to wrestle.

Now it was nothing to wrestle in Madison Square Garden one day, then fly all the way to the Egg Dome in Tokyo the same day, ’cause you’d gain fourteen hours, and then fly back to the West Coast and so on …

So I could wrestle in Japan today and then fly back across the International Date Line and land in another town yesterday. I was constantly adding days to my years!”

There is a basic logic here. When you go from USA to Japan, you move the clocks back a 14 hours, due to the existence of time zones. However, Hogan fails to grasp that travelling through time zones is not time travel, and you don’t gain time.

The biggest hole in his usually infallible logic is the journey back to the United States. Hogan forgets that when you go the other way, you move the clock forwards.

This means that any time that he thinks he “gained” in the day by flying to Japan, he “loses” by flying back to his home nation. Hulk Hogan clearly did not wrestle 400 days a year. It’s bizarre that it has to be stated that.

I don’t know why he felt the need to lie about this, but for some reason, he did. Ignoring the obvious point of it being literally impossible to gain time going back-and-forth over time zones to gain extra days (sadly, Hulk Hogan has not discovered time travels), there is another easily provable way to tell this is a lie.

There is no record of Hulk Hogan wrestling in the United States one afternoon, and then in Japan later that day. Even if his logic about time zones allowing you travel through time (they don’t) was true, he didn’t even try to do that. The whole thing was likely to “one-up” wrestlers like Ric Flair, who claimed to wrestled 8-times a week – Once a day, and twice on Sundays.

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