Hulkster In Heaven – Hulk Hogan’s Awful Song That’s Also A Lie

In 1995, Hulk Hogan did the worst thing of his entire career.

No, it wasn’t refusing to put over an opponent, ignoring a make-a-wish kid or no-showing an event.

It was so much worse than that.

In 1995, alongside The Wrestling Boot Band, Hulk Hogan released an album. 10 songs, each one as…interesting as the last, but certainly memorable.

A mix of awful spoken-word rap songs by Hogan, some Jimmy Hart-sung pop tunes and even Hogan’s WCW theme song (American Made) were included on the album, but it was his “Hulkster In Heaven” song that is most interesting on the record.

Hulkster In Heaven

One of the key songs on the album is the ninth track on the CD.

“Hulkster in Heaven” is sort of a spoken-word ballad, designed to evoke some deep emotions from the fans listening to it.

The song is written from Hulk Hogans perspective, about a fan who was a huge Hulkamaniac.

Hogan writes about a young child, a make-a-wish fan who was suffering a deadly illness. Hogan invited this young, unnamed fan to see him wrestle, in the front row at Wembley Stadium.

The event in question was Summerslam 1992, the last big UK event before Clash at the Castle in 2022.

Hogan speaks about looking out to the crowd and seeing an empty seat, confirming his fears – the young child had died.

This was the emotional crux of the piece, letting us in to the depressing nature of being a pro-wrestler, surrounded by death and disappointment at every turn.

This also makes you look differently at Summerslam 1992, knowing that there was a little boy who loved Hulk Hogan who did not get to see the show.

Heartbreaking stuff.

…except… well…

Hulk Hogan didn’t wrestle at Summerslam 1992.

That show was famously main evented by Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog, in one of the best matches of all time.

Hulk Hogan was not in the country at the time, and in fact didn’t wrestle at all between April 1992 and March 1993 (with Summerslam taking place in late August 1992).

This is another one of the famous lies told by Hulk Hogan, and maybe the most egregious. To milk a fake child’s death for a, frankly terrible, song for an album that surprisingly sold quite well, is one of the worst thing Hogan has done.

He has done a lot of bad things (we’ve all seen the sex tape video), but this may be the worst.

Okay, second after the sex tape, but it’s still awful.

If you can really put yourself through it, see below to listen to “Hulkster in Heaven”, or scroll down to read more articles about Hulk Hogan.

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