Sting’s Incredible Promo Gets Darby Allin & Pom Poms Over

Hamish Woodward

On AEW Dynamite this week, a 64-year-old Sting showed how he is still one of the best wrestlers on the mic today.

The former WCW Champion returned to AEW for a confrontation between Darby Allin and MJF, sticking up for his “best friend” in the ring.

The legendary Stinger entered to confront MJF, talking about how he is sick of being referred to as “Daddy Daycare“, in regards to his relationship with Allin.

He then talked about MJF’s relationship with WWE star Cody Rhodes, who took a young Max under his wing in the early days of AEW.

Sting went on to mention all of his mentors throughout his career, including “The Nature Boy Ric Flair”.

He also mentioned how he is not a “father” to Darby Allin, but instead more of a cheerleader. He also said he had a “fever”, which only pompoms could cure, and proceeded to throw pompoms into the face on MJF.

Did it make sense? Not at all. Was it one of the best moments in AEW history? You bet it was.

He then put over Darby Allin as somebody just coming into his prime, as Sting revealed his career is coming to an end (something which we knew was coming, possibly at All In 2).

Sting also said “love you” to NWO Wolfpac members Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, to a huge pop from the crowd, remembering the Red and Black.

This promo was so seamless for Sting, like he was just coming up with it on the fly, yet built and built a crescendo of “It’s Showtime” at the end so perfectly.

It got the idea of Darby Allin vs MJF over, it teased a Sting vs MJF match (although that’s unlikely to happen, due to Sting being unable to wrestle a singles match at his age), and also got the idea of Sting using pompoms over in a huge way.

Darby Allin will likely face MJF for the AEW Championship in a Fatal 4 Way match at Double or Nothing 2023, also featuring fellow “Four Pillars” stars, Jungle Boy and Sammu Guevara.

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