Jeff Jarrett Reveals Why WCW Went Under 2001

Jeff Jarrett has revealed why WCW died in 2001, followings years of being a successful wrestling promotion.

Jarrett was one of the top stars in WCW in the later years, winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship four times.

He was with the company until its final show, where Vince McMahon fired him live on TV, owing to previous disagreements between the pair.

This happened when Vince McMahon and the WWE purchased WCW, putting an end to the Monday Night Wars once and for all.

Jeff Jarrett has spoken about why he thinks WCW went out of business, owing to the lack of advanced planning in creative, and a lack of leadership in the company.

Speaking on My World with Jeff Jarrett, the AEW star said:

“It was no advanced planning, no advanced booking. It was: show up every week and [see] what’s gonna change.

“The lack of leadership was so prevalent, and created such toxicity between staff, administrators, [and] talent, to a certain degree. It was a complete mess.”

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