Satoshi Kojima Talks Origin Of “Bread Club” & Action Figure Dream

Hamish Woodward

Satoshi Kojima recently wrestled in Canada for AEW at Forbidden Door, unveiling his love for bread for all to see.

The Japanese legend battled against CM Punk in the first round of the Owen Hart Cup, in what was somewhat of a dream match.

CM Punk beat Kojima with a GTS, ending his stay in the United States with another loss on his AEW record.

However, this did not affect Satoshi Kojima’s love for bread, as he spoke about in an interview with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Satoshi Kojima Loves Bread

Satoshi Kojima revealed the origins of his Bread Club faction idea, with his shirt becoming one of the most iconic in years.

The name is a clear play on the name Bullet Club, which is the top heel faction in NJPW.

Kojima took his love for bread to coin his own group, even going so far as to create a t-shirt celebrating it.

In an interview with New Japan Pro Wrestling, the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion let slip about the origins of Bread Club.

While the group is not actually real (as he admits in the interview), the idea took off and is now an integral part of his character.

“Well, it isn’t exactly a real thing!” Kojima said, laughing.

“I was just messing around with the BULLET CLUB name for a joke, but it spread on Twitter and people made a logo, that kind of thing.”

“It took off more with fans overseas than in Japan; especially the UK for some reason. A wrestler I faced there asked if he could be in, and I’ve been given so much bread by British fans.”

Kojima then went on to talk about where his love for all things bread began.

Satoshi Kojima revealed that he began to appreciate baked goods as a child, walking home from school past a bakery.

Kojima would pick up bread from a bakery on the way home from school, revealing it “gave me goosebumps!”.

“I remember as a kid, after school on a Saturday I’d get bread from a bakery on the way home.”, he said,

“I liked convenience store bread just fine, but bakeries were special. The smell of a bakery gave me goosebumps!”.

Satoshi Kojima faced CM Punk at Forbidden Door, losing to the former AEW Champion in a fun match.

Satoshi Kojima Was Gifted Bread After Match With CM Punk

After losing to CM Punk at Forbidden Door, Satoshi Kojima revealed he was gifted an assortment of breads… but he couldn’t eat any of it!

The notorious bread lover was given the assortment backstage after the match, although the person who presented him the gift in unknown.

Sadly for Kojima, his jaw was in too much pain for him to taste the delicious selection. This was due to the GTS he took from Punk, which cost him the match at Forbidden Door.

After the bout, he took to Twitter to say that he was happy to receive the bread a gift, but that he wan unable to eat it due to CM Punk’s action.

“I was very happy to receive the bread as a gift.”

“However, when I received the GTS, my jaw hurt and I could barely eat.”

He Wants His Own Action Figure… With Bread!

Not content with just his gift of bread, Satoshi Kojima has set his sights even higher – an action figure in America!

While he has received a number of action figures in Japan, it is Kojima’s dream to become popular enough in America to have his own action figure.

The key part of the Tweet showed that he also wanted an action figure of bread, which would certainly be a unique accessory in the action figure world.

In another Tweet following Forbidden Door, Satoshi Kojima said:

“i have a dream.

I want to transform into an action figure in America.

If it becomes popular overseas, it is not impossible.

Please lend me your strength.

I want a figure of bread as well.@RingsideC

Ringside Collectables replied with the eyes emoji, indicating that there could be a chance to create a Satoshi Kojima and bread action figures.

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