Is Brian Cage Related To Christian Cage?

Hamish Woodward

Brian Cage debuted in AEW in 2020 as the first ever Joker in the Casino Ladder Match. He went on to decimate the field of play, particularly taking umbrage with Darby Allin. He locked the young star in a body bag before violently throwing him out of the ring, a stunt which could have gone dangerously wrong.

This earned The Machine a shot the AEW Championship. He was unsuccessful in his endeavour and lost to Jon Moxley before slinking back into the mid card, accompanied by his manager Taz.

He had some good matches against the likes of Sting, Adam Page and Ricky Starks but on one curious day in 2022, another man who shard his name debuted in AEW. Brian Cage was no longer the only member of the family in All Elite Wrestling as Christian Cage came into the company to shake up the workplace.

But, the question remains. Is Brian Cage related to Christian Cage?

Are Brian Cage and Christian Cage Related?

The answer is no, Brian Cage is not related to Christian Cage. Despite their last names it could not be more obvious just by looking at them.

Christian Cage is a Canadian legend and is tall, slender and focuses more on his in-ring work than what he looks like. His dour face and light hair are trademarks of his and he is a legendary worker in AEW, WWE and TNA.

Meanwhile, Brian Cage looks like he was sculpted out of a tree trunk. He has clearly had help with his physique (brother) and is a hulking behemoth of a man. His legs are thicker than Christian Cage’s torse and I reckon he could even throw the Big Show over the top rope in a Battle Royal if he wanted to (a famously impossible feat).

Brian Cage was born and raised in California. He has been wrestling since 2002 and became a firm friend of the late Chris Kanyon. He even took on the Mortis gimmick for a time. He signed briefly for WWE in 2005 and was mentored by Kanyon.

Kanyon took Cage under his wing, and taught him everything he knew about being a wrestler. The pair were extremely close, and Kanyon considered Cage one of his best friends. Brian Cage was allegedly the only person, other than Kanyon, to portray the “Mortis” character, which Kanyon portrayed in WCW.

In July 2008, Cage signed with the WWE in a developmental deal. He was sent to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) to wrestle and develop his skills. However, the name Brian Cage was not approved by WWE, so he was required to come up with a new name.

He was christened Chris Logan. Chris was an homage to Chris Kanyon, whilst Logan was taken from the name of the the comic book character Wolverine. This was due to Cage sharing a resemblance to the character from the comic books and films. He would embrace that later on post WWE, with his nickname “Swoleverine”

Cage would last just over a year in FCW. He wrestled against future stars like Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas and Trent Baretta of AEW’s Best Friends. However he was released in 2009 and set out again on the independent. This is where the real Brian Cage was born.

Meanwhile, Christian Cage is a proud Canadian and grew up in Toronto alongside his best friend Edge. The pair made it to WWE in the 1990s and formed one of the top tag teams of all time. They won multiple tag team championship before going out on their own, winning world titles in multiple promotions.

Now, both Christian and Brian Cage wrestle for AEW, but that is where the similarities end. They are not related at all and look absolutely nothing alike. Their in-ring style is vastly different and look to be two completely different characters.

However, I think a match between Brian Cage and Christian Cage would be a brilliant one.

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