Jack Perry Gets New Music & A New Name At Blood & Guts

Jungle Boy is no more – Jack Perry is how the AEW star will be known as from now on.

Before his match against Hook at AEW Blood & Guts 2023, Jungle Boy’s classic “Tarzan Boy” theme played, but he was nowhere to be seen.

A video then played on the screen, showing him bury a pair of boots in the desert, before being picked up by a limousine.

Jungle Boy then entered to his new theme music, being announced simply as “Jack Perry” for the first time.

Jack Perry’s new entrance music is Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, one of the most iconic pieces of orchestral music of all time.

The song is now in the public domain, which means AEW will not have to pay huge licensing fees to play the song on AEW Dynamite.

This new music and new look shows a new side of Jack Perry, and looks to give him a brand new character in AEW.

He had faltered in his run as a face in AEW, failing to impress in title losses to both MJF (in the Four Pillar’s four way) and against SANADA at Forbidden Door.

Perry managed to beat Hook for the FTW Championship in his “debut” match under this persona, which is his first singles gold in AEW.

We don’t know where Jack Perry’s character will go next, but it has been rumored that he will return to team with Christian Cage and Luchasaurus in the near future.

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