Jade Cargill’s Last Match In AEW Was Against Kris Statlander

Hamish Woodward

Former TBS Champion Jade Cargill has wrestled her last match in AEW, amid rumors that she will be moving to the WWE in the near future.

With rumors she could “do a Rick Rude” and appear for AEW and WWE on the same night, Jade Cargill could appear on Smackdown before she wrestles her final match on AEW Rampage.

While Smackdown in live on Friday evenings, AEW Rampage was taped on Wednesday alongside Dynamite. Cargill made her return to AEW on Dynamite, but looks to have wrestled her last match just hours alter on Rampage.

In a rematch from the impromptu title match at Double or Nothing 2023, Jade Cargill faced Kris Statlander for the TBS Championship.

Her near-two-year reign with the belt ended that night, and she returned to AEW on Wednesday to get her rematch against Statlander on AW Rampage.

While the match has yet to air on TV, we know from reports from the arena that Kris Statlander beat Jade Cargill, handing her just the second loss of her career.

Statlander pinned Cargill with her “Friday Night Fever” finish move, which is a Tombstone Piledriver-style move that is one of the most devastating in AEW.

The name of Kris Statlander’s finish changes depending on the day of the week she hits it.

The match was not just Jade Cargill’s last AEW match, but also her best – many people have claimed that this was her finest performance, which ended with the pair embracing in the ring.

Backstage, the mood was that of somber celebration. It has been reported that there was lots of hugging and tears backstage, with Cargill saying goodbye to all of her friends in the company.

It is likely that Jade Cargill will move to WWE in the near future, with her contract structured in a way that she can move companies in a moment’s notice – with a chance she wrestled on Smackdown tonight as well.

Dave Meltzer reported on Jade Cargill leaving AEW after her last match, noting that many in WWE assumed that she is signing for the company, but that nothing is signed quite yet.

“Those in WWE believed she was coming and that it would be on the main roster rather than developmental, but I could see that going either way.

Another person in WWE described it to us as that her name was being talked about a lot, but the deal was not completed at press time.

The money it would take to get her would have been far more than they pay those in developmental, but while she has a star look and is a great athlete, her skill set and experience level is not at WWE main roster woman levels. But good workers are there to make the less experienced and more marketable workers look better than they are.”

Jade Cargill is reported to be moving to Orlando this week, and will likely report to the WWE Performance Center as soon as possible.

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