Jade Cargill Is The Tallest Women’s Wrestler In AEW

Hamish Woodward

Jade Cargill stands out in AEW due to her unique look and natural charisma, which coupled with her size makes her a big star in the company.

Standing at 5 feet 10 inches, Jade Cargill is the tallest women’s wrestler in AEW.

She towers over the rest of the division, having at least an inch over her next tallest competitor. Coupled with her propensity to wear high heels during non-wrestling segments, she comes across as a larger-than-life personality in AEW.

Ever since her debut, Jade Cargill’s height has been emphasised in her presentation. Her debut in AEW, while completely insane, showcased her alongside another of AEW’s tallest ever wrestlers – basketball legend Shaq.

Putting these two stars together, against much smaller opponents in Cody Rhodes and Skye Blue, was clearly meant to emphasise how tall they are, as wrestling companies do all the time.

While she stands at 178 cm compared to Shaq’s 216 cm, she is still the tallest woman in AEW. She towers over the competition, which goes a long way to show why she held the TBS Championship for so long.

Jade Cargill Is AEW’s Tallest Wrestler

While some do actually come close, no women in AEW can match Jade Cargill’s height.

She stands at 5’10”, which is taller than a lot of men on the roster. Even top stars like Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole are smaller than Jade Cargill, showing just how big she is in the ring.

The closest a current female star is to Jade Cargill’s height is actually the woman who defeated her for her TBS Championship.

At Double or Nothing 2023, a returning Kris Statlander ended Cargill’s 504-day reign as TBS Champion (currently the longest title reign in AEW history) in a short match that had the fans screaming with joy.

Statlander stands just below Cargill, at 5’9″, making her one of the tallest female stars in AEW. Others like Nyla Rose and Britt Baker come in at 5’7″, but it’s Statlander and Cargill who stand out above the crowd.

However, two ex-AEW wrestlers are actually taller than Jade Cargill.

TNA legend Awesome Kong wrestled briefly for the company, most notably as part of the infamously-terrible faction called The Nightmare Collective. Kong stands at 5’11” tall, but her incredible size make her feel as if she is ever bigger than that.

Despite that, she is only second in the list of tallest women in AEW. Her former Nightmare Collective teammate Mel is slightly taller, coming it at an even 6 feet tall.

In case you have no memory of Mel (and why would you?), she was the bald one in the Nightmare Collective.

You’re probably thinking of Dr Luther, but there was another one. Mel.

Mel is the one in the middle

Still, Jade Cargill is the current tallest AEW women’s wrestler, and unless we see a spectacular return from Mel, she looks likely to remain that way.

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