Jade Cargill’s AEW Record Draws Goldberg Comparison

Hamish Woodward

Jade Cargill recently lost her undefeated streak to Kris Statlander, losing a record which drew her comparisons to WCW legend Goldberg.

Both had long undefeated streaks, despite being green in the ring and drawing the ire of the crowd (to varying degrees).

There are many differences between the two stars, although both Goldberg and Jade Cargill’s record in the ring puts them head and shoulders above the rest.

Jade Cargill’s Record Is Like Goldberg

From her debut in wrestling to her TBS Championship reign, Jade Cargill wracked up a win streak to rival even the legendary Bill Goldberg.

While Goldberg’s 173-0 streak (which was actually made up…) is one that is unlikely to never be broken, Jade Cargill did her best to come as close as she could.

Her first win came on a huge stage – a mixed tag team match on AEW Dynamite, alongside basketball legend Shaq. She teamed with the giant to take on Cody Rhodes & Skye Blue, picking up the win for her side by pinning her female opponent.

On the way to her incredible 61-0 winning streak, Jade Cargill became the first woman to win the TBS Championship. She defeated Ruby Soho in the final of the inaugural championship tournament, and for over a year was the only woman to hold the belt.

She defended the title against a host of female stars in AEW. The likes of Athena, Tay Melo, Nyla Rose and many more all fell to Jade Cargill, extending her record to an unbeaten 61-0.

…except it wasn’t. Despite Jade Cargill’s first loss claimed to be against Kris Statlander at AEW Double or Nothing 2023, she actually lost to Ruby Soho in the Casino Battle Royal at All Out 2021.

While this wasn’t a singles loss, and she was not actually pinned, it is still an asterisk on a legendary win-loss record for Jade Cargill in AEW.

So, just like Goldberg, she had an incredible win streak that wasn’t quite what it seemed, but still did nothing to take away from the incredible record that both stars had during their early years in wrestling.

She Was Very Inexperienced When She Debuted

Jade Cargill’s AEW debut match was actually her first match in wrestling.

It was a huge gambling placing her in a match with other less-experienced stars like Shaq and Skye Blue, and the match could have easily fallen apart.

However, Tony Khan clearly saw something great in her while she trained at the Nightmare Factory, and noticed huge potential in Cargill from the word go.

The fans did not at first, though. Her matches were dull, overly-rehearsed and very basic to start out with. This makes sense, as she was incredibly inexperienced at the time, but if you are making it onto TV, that shouldn’t matter.

Either perform well, or don’t.

This is similar to when Goldberg started in WCW. He wrestled short, explosive squash matches, but was exposed when being forced to wrestle any longer (his match against William Regal is the greatest example).


Luckily for AEW, Jade Cargill’s streak ended much more satisfyingly than Goldberg’s.

After she beat Taya Valkyrie at Double or Nothing 2023, Cargill’s manager “Smart” Mark Sterling issued an open challenge to anybody in the locker room.

This was interrupted by Kris Statlander, who signed “Mama’s Home” on the ramp as she made her way to the ring to answer the challenge.

After a short match, Kris Statlander defeated Jade Cargill to win the TBS Championship, pinning her to end Cargill’s 61-0 undefeated streak.

This differed greatly to how Goldberg’s undefeated record ended. He was beaten by Kevin Nash, who sought the help from Scott Hall and his electrified cattle prod to end Goldberg’s undefeated streak.

The comparisons between Goldberg and Jade Cargill are numerous, but the real test will be when she returns from her current hiatus.

While Goldberg never truly learnt to work outside his own style, time will tell whether Jade Cargill will develop more as a worker, and ascend to the top of the AEW Women’s Division.

She regularly trains with Bryan Danielson, so she could not have any better trainer in her corner, or any better chance to succeed.

Her AEW undefeated record is gone, but the real test for Jade Cargill starts now.

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