Jake Roberts Last Match Was 21 Years After Final WWE Match

There is no better villain in WWE history than the creepy and menacing Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

With his python Damian in tow, he was the scourge of the WWE Locker Room in the 1980s and 1990s. With his razor sharp tongue and devastating DDT maneuver, Jake Roberts was always a force to be reckoned with.

However, drugs and other demons took him away from the spotlight, costing him some huge main event matches.

He last wrestled in the WWE in 1997, beating The Goon at a WWE House show at the Rapides Parish Coliseum in Alexandria, Louisiana, USA.

He was released soon after, but continued wrestling all the way up until his final ever match in 2018.

Jake Roberts Last Match

Jake “The Snake” Roberts last ever match in wrestling took place on September 2018, wrestling for the BBOW No Limits Wrestling promotion.

The show took place at the Eagle County Fairgrounds in Eagle, Colorado, USA and featured some legends of the ring, including Roberts and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine.

Roberts was 63 at the time of this match, and came two years before he would sign a deal with AEW to manage Lance Archer on AEW Dynamite.

Very little is known about this match. We know, thanks to Cagematch, that it was in the main event, and saw Jake Roberts take on local wrestler IamThePROVIDER in a singles match.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts won his final ever match in wrestling, although how he won we do not know. It could have been with the DDT, but it doesn’t look like he was in any shape in 2018 to take bumps like that in the ring.

While Jake Roberts always wanted a return tot he WWE in a Royal Rumble match, he settle for a Raw return and subsequent Hall of Fame induction instead – much to the delight of his friend, Diamond Dallas Page.

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