Jake Roberts

10 Best Wrestlers Who Never Won The WWE Championship

Hamish Woodward

There is nothing more prestigious than a World Championship. To paraphrase the great Super Shredder, also known as Kevin Nash, ...

Jake Roberts Was Fired By WWE After Being “Out Of Shape” For WrestleMania

Hamish Woodward

Jake “The Snake” Roberts was too “out of shape” to compete at WrestleMania XIII, before he was fired from the ...

Jake Roberts Last Match Was 21 Years After Final WWE Match

Hamish Woodward

There is no better villain in WWE history than the creepy and menacing Jake “The Snake” Roberts. With his python ...

WWE Cancelled Hulk Hogan vs Jake Roberts For A Stupid Reason

Hamish Woodward

In the 1980s, Hulk Hogan was the biggest star in wrestling. After battling big stars like Andre the Giant and ...

Jake Roberts’ Drunken Promo At Heroes of Wrestling Is Still Crazy

Hamish Woodward

Jake “The Snake” Roberts is a legend in the ring, but he had his worst showing ever at the infamous ...

Lance Archer Wants Jake Roberts Back As His Manager

Hamish Woodward

Lance Archer has revealed he’d “love” to reunite with Jake “The Snake” Roberts in AEW, although sites the WWE Legend’s ...

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