Lance Archer Wants Jake Roberts Back As His Manager

Hamish Woodward


Lance Archer has revealed he’d “love” to reunite with Jake “The Snake” Roberts in AEW, although sites the WWE Legend’s health as the reason why they haven’t been seen together on TV in recent months.

The Murderhawk Monster became a hit in AEW in 2020 when he signed for the promotion on the back of a fantastic program with Jon Moxley in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The giant then had some incredible matches in the company with stars like Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley and Adam Page, among many others.

Since his debut he was joined by his manager, Jake Roberts. Also known as “The Snake”, due to the python that he would carry to the ring for his matches, setting it on his opponents are he smiled with glee at their intense fear. He was also known as one of the greatest talkers in the history of wrestling, putting out some of the most intense and real promos the business has ever seen.

Their pairing worked wonders for both men. Roberts helped to elevate Archer, and although he wasn’t bad on the microphone, his manager helped to improve his aura as a monster and not humanise himself too much by speaking to the fans.

Meanwhile, his pairing his Lance Archer helped Jake Roberts to get back into the wrestling business full time and return to pro-wrestling for the first time in over a decade. Now clean from drugs and alcohol, he was ready to help the business and give back after years as one of the most entertaining wrestlers of his day.

Sadly, years of ill health caught up with Roberts when the pandemic hit. Due to his vulnerable state, he was not permitted to travel during the time of COVID and missed out on many matches with his pairing with Archer. He has since been left out of the company while Archer has occasional matches, although the Murderhawk Monster would love to reunite with his former manager in AEW.

Speaking on “Busted Open Radio“, Lance Archer confessed he would love to be back with Jake Roberts in AEW and called the chance of them reuniting “very possible”. He noted that Roberts health and the Archer’s push were the reasons they no longer work together on TV, but that their relationship never deteriorated like other wrestling partners had.

“I’d love it to still be with Jake. I don’t think that there was ever a point where Jake and I grew apart. It was just situations – his health and the direction I was going. So I think it’s very possible that he and I can be back together, part of that rebuilding.”

Lance Archer has recently been wrestling for NJPW, teaming with his Suzuki-Gun teammate Minoru Suzuki in the World Tag League. His last AEW match was a loss to Ricky Starks in the AEW Eliminator Tournament in November, although it is expected that he will return to the company in 2023.

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