Jon Moxley Has An “Unspoken Bond” With El Desperado After NJPW Bout

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Jon Moxley claimed he shares an “unspoken bond” with NJPW star El Desperado, following their brutal death match at a recent New Japan show.

Jon Moxley wrestled Desperado for the first time last July at NJPW’s Music City Mayhem show, which saw the Death Rider win a brutal and bloody match up.

The pair battled again at NJPW STRONG Independence Day 2023, which again saw Moxley walk out victorious.

This match raised the stakes, with both men leaving the arena covered in blood and pained by the violence that they had participated in.

Moxley spoke to Sports Illustrated following the match, discussing his much beloved match against El Desperado.

He called the Japanese star a “free spirit”, before claiming they have an “unspoken bond” that raises the limits of what they can do to each other in the ring.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Jon Moxley said:

“Desperado is a free spirit in the way he works and presents himself,” Jon Moxley said, “When you watch his matches in Mexico, he has a proclivity to think freely. I don’t want to label him a ‘deathmatch’ guy. But when you’re in a room with him, you know it.”

“We share an unspoken bond. We didn’t have a ton of expectations for our first encounter last year. But it showed us what we’re capable of doing together.”

“If we are to meet again, which I’m sure we will, and the physical stakes are higher and there are more extreme environments, then we haven’t even scratched the surface of what we can do together.”

Jon Moxley will be shedding even more blood in AEW, as he teams with the Blackpool Combat Club to take on The Elite in a violent Blood & Guts match.

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