Kazuchika Okada Addresses Bryan Danielson Challenge For Forbidden Door

Hamish Woodward

At a broadcasted press conference the day after NJPW Dominion 6.4, Kazuchika Okada addressed the challenge of Bryan Danielson for Forbidden Door.

The American Dragon challenged The Rainmaker after his match against Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli and Shota Umino, offering him a bout at Forbidden Door.

This is a dream match for many, and will be Danielson’s first match in NJPW since leaving WWE in 2021.

In the press conference, Kazuchika Okada said this about the match with Bryan Danielson;

“Well, first of all, these are some exciting matches. Last year I wrestled at forbidden door. But t was against Jay White, Adam Cole and Hangman Page. People I’d wrestled before.

But this time, it’s against someone new. And a big AEW star, so I’m looking forward to it. But this is a battle of AEW vs NJPW as well, so i plan on carrying NJPW on my shoulders and winning for the company, and the New Japan fans as well.”

When asked about Bryan Danielson recognising Okada’s ability when challenging him:

“I’m flattered, a little. To have the wrestling I’ve done be recognised by someone I’ve never wrestled before is nice. So please, take it all in, first hand.

I’ve got plenty for hi to experience, and I plan on him experiencing Kazuchika Okada to the fullest.”

When asked about this match being a “dream match” for the fans:

“That’s right, well… There have been a lot of dream matches over the years, but not many that can truly capture the fans the world over.

I’m happy to be half of a dream match that can just do that. The world will be watching, and some of those people might not know Kazuchika Okada as well.

But i feel like, if not a representative of my country, but a representative of Japanese professional wrestling. I want to show people with this match just how good Japanese wrestling can be.”

When asked what he respects about Bryan Danielson:

“Well, to be honest, I haven’t really taken in Bryan’s work in AEW or WWE. So I’m not sure i can say with certainty exactly what kind of wrestler he is.

But that’s why im looking forward to this. I know he isn’t the tallest guy, isnt the biggest guy, but he’s been able to be a big star in tbose companies, and be right at the top as a champion.

So that shows how good he is in the ring, and how much charism he has to boot. In Osaka Jo Hall, there were those “Yes” chants that showed how far his name has travelled.

Fans who don’t watch American wrestling still know who he is, and that says a lot. Because of that, I’m looking forward to facing him.

And I look forward to getting the win.”

When asked for any last comments:

Bryan, I have this to say to you;

(In English) i officially accept Bryan Danielson’s challenge. Bryan, lets see who is the real best in the world, at Forbidden Door.”

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Forbidden Door 2023

Forbidden Door 2 is set to take place on June 25th, 2023, being broadcast from the Scotiabank Centre in Toronto, Ontario , in Canada.

The event is part of a six-date tour in Canada for AEW, culminating in an incredible show featuring both AEW and NJPW talents. The Forbidden Door 2 match card looks to be the most exciting in wrestling for years, with many matches still yet to be announced.

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