Revealing If Cody Rhodes Owns Part Of AEW

Being one of the most influential figures in All Elite Wrestling history, it would make sense if Cody Rhodes owned a part of AEW.

He was one of the first wrestlers to join the company, alongside The Young Bucks, Chris Jericho and Jim Ross.

Without the influence of Cody Rhodes and The Elite, there certainly would never have been an AEW, and the wrestling world would have been a darker place for sure.

Due to his influence on the company and helping to build it in the early days, many fans have wondered if Cody Rhodes (and the rest of the Elite) own a part of AEW.

Sadly, the answer is no. Cody Rhodes does not own AEW. The company is wholy owned by Tony Khan, the president of the company. He created the company in 2018, hiring The Elite as Executive Vice Presidents of AEW.

However, funding for AEW was given by Shahid Khan, the father of Tony. He invested in AEW in the early days, after a successful pitch by his son convinced him of the upsides of a new pro-wrestling company.

Now he has left the company, Cody Rhodes is no longer an executive vice president of the company. His contract expired in January 2022, and he left after one last match against Sammy Guevara (which was one of Cody’s best ever matches).

However, him losing his EVP status upon leaving was not a big deal. In fact, a lot of the responsibility had been stripped of Cody Rhodes (and the rest of The Elite) by the turn of 2020, after some issues booking AEW Dynamite.

Each of the Elite were given their own division to book, with Tony Khan overseeing all final decision. The Young Bucks were in charge of the tag team division, Kenny Omega managed the women, while Cody Rhodes was entrusted with the men’s division.

After some issues with booking in the early days, Tony Khan rolled back the responsibilities for The Elite, and took on more roles in AEW. He relegated them back into simply on-screen roles, as main-event wrestlers in the company.

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks remain in AEW as top stars, although they too do not own any of AEW. There have been rumours that CM Punk owned a part of AEW, although those have not been confirmed.

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