Kenny Omega vs El Hijo Del Vikingo Awarded 5 Stars By Dave Meltzer

Hamish Woodward

Despite all the controversy sparked by a Dave Meltzer post about CM Punk, the main event match between Kenny Omega and El Hijo Del Vikingo has not been overshadowed.

The bout was billed as a “Dream Match” on AEW Dynamite. It had meant to have taken place two years prior, when Kenny Omega was the AAA Mega Champion. Injuries forced him to vacate that title, and he never got to wrestle the Mexican star…until now.

Dave Meltzer was a big fan of the match, awarding it five stars in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The bout saw Kenny Omega win the match with a One-Winged Angel, putting away Vikingo for a victory in the first ever match between the two.

The match saw some incredible moves done by El Hijo Del Vikingo, bringing some of the incredible talent seen in AAA over to AEW. He hit moves nobody had ever seen before, bouncing off the ropes and spinning in the air, mesmirising the fans.

The highlight was when Vikingo hit Omega with a springboard 630 splash through a table on the outside, something never seen before in an AEW ring. This match deserved a five-star rating just for that.

Kenny Omega vs El Hijo Del Vikingo Was Pure Art

Mexican wrestling legend Konnan has heaped praise on the match, in a recent interview. Once known as “The Mexican Hulk Hogan” due to his incredible popularity, Konnan is listened to when he talks about Lucha Libre.

After AEW Dynamite, Konnan and El Hijo Del Vikingo were interviewed by Lexy Nair, exclusively for AEW social media

Here, Konnan heaped praise on the match and Vikingo, calling it “pure art”.

“I’ve cultivated a lot of careers, from Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, the Lucha Brothers, Taya. “And he [Vikingo] is the next one to comes out of the AAA promotion, who in one night made a name for himself in a classic match that was pure art. It was beautiful to watch.

It is unknown if we will see a rematch between Kenny Omega and El Hijo Del Vikingo. Given that Omega got a clean win over the AAA Mega Champion, it is likely that he will go to Mexico to battle with the champion during an AAA show, giving the fans the match that was promised in December 2021.

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